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Haven't got time for the pain...

Damn.  Something I ate or inhaled or something is making my stomach cramp and gurgle before requiring me to hit the ladies room yet again.

I don't think I'm contagious, I'm inclined to think food poisoning, albeit mild.

Which is just what I needed.  I'm taking tomorrow off to get stuff ready for the 4th of July party, and I honestly didn't want to spend a day recuperating from ass-on-fire.

My joints hurt, and that says low-grade fever, but I couldn't tell you where a thermometer is to check.

Not that it matters - I'm due at Rumours Wine Bar in 15 minutes to meet a friend I haven't seen since February.  Well, I'm foshdef skinnier than I was, and the volcanic bile I've been off-loading hasn't hurt.

So, a quick wine-snack-chat, then back to the house for laundry and list-making.

Let us have a quick moment of silence for my innards.


Stick the Landing

I spent my twenties trying to figure out what I needed to be doing with my life, in a career sense.
I worked for technology companies in marketing and support roles, some with greater degrees of fulfillment and success.
I kind of found the trailhead of my career path in a Weight Watchers meeting circa 2003.  You see, it always comes back to this.  A girl I made friends with turned me on to an open position in her company.  I didn't get that exact job, but I got another with the same people as a Patient Services Coordinator.  I basically educated people on their possible surgical options, facilitated seminars, and provided service to patients.  It was the education portion that hooked me.  Two jobs later, I landed the job I'm in currently, and it works.  I think I am doing the exact right thing that I should be doing.
But let's drop back a step.  All through middle school, and into high school, I thought I'd be a teacher.  And then, I got into a journalism class as a junio…

It's a nine.

1.  There's a church near my house that had it's magnetic letter sign broken into over the weekend.  Originally it read:  Welcome Children First Montessori.  After the break-in:  Fist Children.  I don't condone vandalism, and I'm definitely not into violating children, but I appreciate dark, subversive humor. And anagrams   Several years ago, a different church sign was changed to read:  I eat vag queefs.  I can't imagine what the original one said, but my apologies for laughing.

2.  I went back to Monday night Zumba for the first time in a month last night.  It was actually awesome.  I felt like I was able to get the moves, make it pay.  And it was nice to see everyone.  Even the woman who, since the last time I went to Zumba gave birth, and has RETURNED to class.  This was her second week back after having a baby over Memorial Day.  Wow.  Just, wow.

3.  I want this blouse that's at Kohl's.  I bought a different blouse thinking it would be as good, but it …


So, as you've probably come to realize, and hopefully accept, I'm a liberal.

In fact, I'm a voted-for-Kucinich-in-the-primary liberal.  My colleague at dinner the other night commented that he's liberal, but I'm even further left than he is.  Left-adjacent, he called it.

I think you could basically summarize my views as "Legalize It" and by "It", I mean the right to choose, recreational marijuana, gay marriage, equal rights, affordable health care, and so on.

The gay marriage one seems to be top of mind these days, since New York just legalized it.

Which means, six down, 44 to go...

I have a handful of gay and lesbian friends.  Some in relationships, some single.  I think, and I hope, it's only a matter of time before they can get married in every state.  But only if they want to.

Now, because I live in Tennessee, my gay friends here may be waiting awhile.  It's sometimes difficult to remember that I'm living in one of the small blue…

Brunch at Marché? I'd love to!

Well, it's Sunday.  I woke up way too early, started some laundry and went back to bed.  Woke up again at 9:45 with the intention of getting up, but by the time I looked at the clock again, it was 10:40.  Such is life.  It also pretty well rules out 10:45 Zumba at Maryland Farmers.  Bummer.  Heh, heh.

Matt had left for a bike ride.  Didn't even hear him go.  So I let Lola out, started more laundry, and here I am.  Contemplating my next move.

I'd love to go out for brunch, but:

a) Brunch is generally not Weight Watchers friendly.

b) I'm not exactly rolling in discretionary income

c) Brunch is meant as a gathering for friends and/or lovers.  My lover is off riding with one of our friends, and I don't feel like calling anyone else.  It's nearly 11AM on Sunday.  Presumably, most people aren't still in their pajamas.   And they're already out brunching it up.

d) I can't exactly abandon my laundry, now can I?  To say nothing of dear, devoted Lola.

So, wha…

Head Games


1. So, as it turns out, Matt's leftover Asian Slaw + Leftover Dr. Pepper Pork + 1:30 in the microwave = Delicious!  Who could have guessed?

2. Remember the pain-in-the-ass couple new to my Weight Watchers group that I described lovingly in this post right here?  So, they were at it again tonight.   They have both lost 10 pounds, but apparently, that's not good enough, and she's still not convinced she's getting enough points, and he isn't eating all his - so he should be losing faster, right?  Well, anyway, they both got their 10 pound star, which is awesome.  Except that naturally, someone had to steal their thunder.

3.  And that someone was ME!  Word.  I am officially at 40.8 pounds down.  Verily, I say unto thee - fuck, yeah!!!

4. Meanwhile, I really want some cute clothes...but I'm kind of in that no-woman's-land of too fat for most "regular" sizes,  but too svelte for a lot of the hideousness in the plus-sized department.  So, it means I hav…

The Porcine Verdict Is In

OK, so, I had I  not set the CrockPot to HIGH, I'm sure that the Dr. Pepper Pork would have cooked slower, maybe not have left a seared cola residue on my pot, and would have resulted in a more tender, less dried out cut of meat.

As it was, it wasn't much different from any other pork I've done via slow cooker.   I threw some BBQ sauce on my serving, threw it on a Sandwich Thin, and called it dinner.

Meanwhile, I'm still hungry, I didn't even bother to cook the corn or assemble the slaw...

Why?  Because weigh-in is tomorrow, and I really, really, really want to get over this hump and get my 40 pound sticker.  Note - this sticker is a star - I get one every five pounds to stick in my booklet.  It is not, unfortunately a sticker weighing 40 pounds.  Although, wouldn't that be impactful?

If my current stats hold, I'm closer to 39.6 pounds lost, and that would be a real pisser.  Not that I deserve to lose 2.6 pounds tomorrow.  I've been a little (or you kn…

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?

Well, that's gonna leave a mark...

I finally got the cyst removed.  Good news/bad news.  It might actually be a lipoma (fatty benign tumor).

If that's the case, they'll have to go in and de-bulk it again.  Yes, she said de-bulk.  De-bulking the lipoma on your scalp.  Rolls off the tongue.

If it's a cyst, then it ruptured, is granulating as we speak, and we're done here.

The pain is sinking in.  I was advised to skip Zumba and I'm glad I did - because my head hurts in ways I've never experienced.

And I need to wash the blood and iodine out of my hair.  But I have to be careful with the stitches. Honestly, I just want to barf.  Just a little, that's all.  The left side of my head is...well, I can't think straight.

Holy hell.

And I have a full training day tomorrow.

I think it may be time to grab a Loritab, take the antibiotic she gave me and crash.  Except, shit - what am I going to wear to work tomorrow?  I wore my cute easy dress today.  Leaving me with... laundry.  And panic.

OK... quic…

Oooh, that looks good!

What a great weekend.  First of all, the hair.  Just a liiiiiittle shorter than I requested, but super cute and really easy.  Yay!
I hit up Water Aerobics, where my neighbor, Robin was kicking it - we talked and did the workout.  I decided to bail on Zumba.   I went and got dry-cleaning, bought a wedding present and came back to the crib.
Last night, we saw my old boss, Dennis, marry his lovely bride Lindsey.  Fantastic!  The flowers were insane, the food was delicious, and a super nice crowd.  Who doesn't have a good time at weddings?
They had mini cupcakes, and they were insane.  Don't even ask how many I ate.  Suffice it to say, the strawberry, the lemon, and the coconut were my favorite.  To say nothing of the mocha and the chocolate.
I also learned that a woman I do water aerobics with is a friend of Dennis' mother.
Today we caught up on sleep, went to REI and hit up the Farmers Market for squash, tomatoes and speckled butter beans.  Oh, and peaches.  Just because.
I finall…

Odds and Evens


What's eating me?

So, among the many pleasures of travel is the ability to watch crappy television in a strange town.  Last night, I got sucked into a show called Extreme Makeover  - Weight Loss Edition - where a 498 pound Nashville man got a trainer to commit a year to him to cut his weight in half.  Lots of good Nashville footage.

The trainer kept trying to play shrink and get at WHY this man had let it get so bad.  And I said aloud to an empty room, "Molested.  Closeted gay man."  And sure enough, 15 minutes into the program we find out he was sexually abused as a kid.

And 45 minutes in, at the age of 44, the man comes out for the first time to his trainer.

Nailed it.

So, let's ask Allison...

No, I was never molested, and I'm not gay.

I also never got to 498 pounds.

But, I think I eat to cope with stress, and I have high anxiety.

The anxiety, I believe comes from abandonment issues stemming back to when I was in utero and didn't want to be born.

Kicked out of the womb too soo…

There's no cure like travel?

In St. Louis for 24 hours.  Most of it will take place in a training room, and I guess that's fine and all, but a vacation, it's not.

I also haven't seen a Zumba class in nearly a month.  Which, mmkay, is bad?  Mmmkay.  I need to hit up a class or six at the Y.  ASAP. 

The fact that I had a huge Italian dinner on The Hill tonight didn't help my case.

I keep thinking back to the fun that I had at the cabin with my crew, and that keeps me feeling sane.   I keep thinking forward to the Fourth of July in the mountains with Mom, Dad and the Pugs.   And that makes me feel sane too.

Now, I just get to hang tough for a few weeks, train like a maniac and eventually, I can rest on a few laurels.

For now though, I need to check in for my flight, find directions to my client in the morning and get some shuteye.

Eh, who wants to rest on laurels anyway?

R and R (rafting and relaxing)

I went on the annual group trip we take with some of our friends every year over the weekend.  It was excellent.

We ate, drank and were merry.  We rafted, relaxed, napped and played Apples to Apples.
It was exactly what I needed.
I feel great.
I'd feel better if I wasn't coming up on the week from Hell.  Training, travel, travel, training.  A wedding to round it all out, but boy, I need a haircut, a brow wax, a pedicure and good news...cyst removal is just around the corner.  I'll feel like a new person.
And I guess that's all for now.  I just want to thank you, Ocoee River, and annual trip group.
I want to thank you, for letting me be myself, again.


I loved being a Journalism major.  Loved it.  Especially on Thursdays - Must See TV night on NBC.  Because, in order to do well in my writing classes, I had to watch from the second Friends started til the last credit for ER rolled and they cut to 11Alive 11PM news.

Now, back then, there was really one prime-time animated series - The Simpsons.  And it was in its heyday, so it was appointment television for lots of us as well.

In fact, it wasn't until the fall after I graduated that South Park hit the air.  And let me tell you, it was different.

But it too was required viewing for me and my peers.  I remember vividly going to Athens one weekend to see my boyfriend at the time.  We went to KFC, got a bucket of chicken, and brought it home to watch a South Park he had recorded on his VCR - no HDTV, no DVR back them -and it was the one where Eric Cartman yells at the cat for begging for pot pie.

And something primal inside me snapped.  I had been struggling with my weight, and on the…

Scenes from a Franklin Strip Mall

So, as you may or may not know, I'm something of a people watcher.  And there are two new people who have caught my eye.

Enter Greg and Suzy.  They're the newest members of our Weight Watchers group, and they've been there and done that before.  A married couple in their 50s.  Heavy, but not alarming.  They were able to walk into the meeting without aid of a Jazzy Scooter.  She's kind of cute, but has a sharp nose that makes her look vaguely rodent-like.  He's built like a brick Mr. Potatohead on steroids.

Well, it's been awhile since they've done the meetings and they're not adapting well to the changes in the program.

Week one, after sign up, Suzy was frrrreeeeaking out because she gets 29 points a day, and that's what she used to get on the old program, only now Greg gets 53.  That can't be right, she decides, and three separate staff members calculate and determine it's right.  She keeps muttering about it all meeting.  I've just wor…