Tra-la-la-la, etc.

Big shock, I gained last night.  I’m up 1.6.  And that is going to have to be OK.  Because, well, nothing I can do about it til next week.

And the fact is, because of the meds and my general lack of sanity combined with the fact that Matt’s family is in town this weekend and I travel for work next week… well, it’s the perfect (shit)storm.

There are some changes going down at work that are going to make my life harder.  I thought I might get a last minute Hail Mary reprieve, but apparently, we’re all systems go.  Ch-ch-ch-changes!

I got, at the very least, the opportunity to tweak my old boss about it yesterday.  And apparently, tweak him, it did.  He asked a mutual colleague how I found out, and wasn’t thrilled to learn that my new management team was talking to their people.  Um.  That pretty well sums up the whole enchilada.

I’ll probably go into more detail at some point, but suffice it to say, I need to brush up on my “dealing with toxic people” skills.  Because if I don’t, I’m going to end up kicking down a door and saying, “It’s called PROFESSIONAL COURTESY, asshat!  Look into it!”

Ok.  Now that I have that out of my system, for the moment.

Onward and upward.

Tonight, crockpot chicken and some housework.  The in-laws are in town starting… tomorrow.  Good news is, we don't have to lodge them because that would take superhuman cleaning effort, and I am not on board.

Between the caffeine, steroids and antihistamines, I feel like a mutant.

Wish me luck.  Oh, and SERENITY NOW!!!!!