Unpleasantly Warm Valley Sunday

All three of us - me, Matt and Lola are enjoying the modern conveniences of air conditioning.

It's hot.  Damn hot.  I was planning on making gazpacho, but then I remembered I wasn't going to be here much until mid-next week, so tomato soup served ice cold is going to have to wait a week or so.  I love the stuff.  It's a good breakfast smoothie.

Instead, I got the fixins to make pork chops on the grill for dinner.  BBQ is good for you! I've got some greens in the CrockPot, and squash and potatoes to round out the evening.

Tomorrow I'll go to Dallas, leaving Matt and Lola here to fend for themselves.  Once I get back, I'll start getting ready for our annual trip on the river.  I hate to say it, but the board shorts I've worn for several years are a no go.  They fell off the other day as I was walking out to the car.  I did have a bathing suit on underneath, but when rafting the Ocoee, the last thing I need to have on my mind is the fear of dropping trou.  Once we get back from rafting, it's time to meet me in St. Louis.  After that, it's gazpacho time!

The burritos last night, by the way, were off the charts.  Great beans, ground venison (really), homemade guac.  Tasty.   There were some killer potatoes that they called "troublemakers" - and they were like deconstructed chili fries.  Damn!

I've said it before, though - any meal I don't have to cook is excellent.

Oddly, though - it was a birthday party without cake.  Just cookies from the Mexican grocery, which I don't care for.  And that's fine.  I ate plenty without indulging in dessert.

I think I might be hungry.

Bean burgers.  Pop chips.  Broccoli.

Some people call it gasaritis, I call it lunch.