There's no cure like travel?

In St. Louis for 24 hours.  Most of it will take place in a training room, and I guess that's fine and all, but a vacation, it's not.

I also haven't seen a Zumba class in nearly a month.  Which, mmkay, is bad?  Mmmkay.  I need to hit up a class or six at the Y.  ASAP. 

The fact that I had a huge Italian dinner on The Hill tonight didn't help my case.

I keep thinking back to the fun that I had at the cabin with my crew, and that keeps me feeling sane.   I keep thinking forward to the Fourth of July in the mountains with Mom, Dad and the Pugs.   And that makes me feel sane too.

Now, I just get to hang tough for a few weeks, train like a maniac and eventually, I can rest on a few laurels.

For now though, I need to check in for my flight, find directions to my client in the morning and get some shuteye.

Eh, who wants to rest on laurels anyway?