Year in Review

Pot Sample

Better than I deserve.

Ho, Ho, shit, are those anal beads?

Insult to Injury

Open Letter to That Girl From High School

Easy like Sunday Morning

Watch it Wiggle, See it Jiggle

Me and Ben and Mac


And a partridge, in a pear tree.

I said I wouldn't, but I will.

Seriously, could you be just a little more boring?

Meditations on a Friday Afternoon

Bring Your Turkey To Worky

Pain in the Neck (and arm)!

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...

Cover your filthy mouth!

Light and Dark

Recap Part Two - Electric Boogaloo!

I wasn't born yesterday!

Travel Diary - Day One Recap

Hi boys and girls!

Operation: Oktoberfest - Success!

Party, Animals

Writer Blocked

Sunday Night in Music City

Friday Night Enlightenment

Talk Abouts/Learn Abouts

Roses are red, violets are blue-ish...

Physics and Psychology

We gather together.

Meditations on a Thursday

Press Release from a Frustrated Writer