Year in Review

So, I started this post two weeks ago, got a few sentences in and let it ride. Now I'm cutting it close. But here it is, my mental wrap-up of 2009.

And what a year it was! This was the Year of Zumba. A year of new friends. A year with a new car (would it have killed building management to at least apologize?). This was the year of refinancing. This was the year of Tonsilgate. It was a good year with husband, dog, family and friends.

I didn't travel too much this year, and that was OK. Our Natchez trip was a great time with my sweet husband. I enjoyed seeing Tom, Laura and Henry in Kansas. Got to go to Waverly, TN twice for work. I am hoping that next year I get a few more work trips because frankly, I'm a good trainer and I deserve it. Some might even say I deserve it more than other people.

Work went well enough this year - a few setbacks, but nothing insane. I had a few teachable moments, far fewer tears than some years, and I had a few real moments of great confidence that I am in the right place, doing the right thing. And people believe in me.

Everyone's health was better this year. Aside from my issues pre- and post-tonsillectomy, we were in the pink.

Got to see my family plenty, had lots of fun with my friends.

Life was good in 2009.

For 2010, not much on deck. I have all the same resolutions this year as I do every year - eat better, exercise more, swear less. But I have one mega-resolution that trumps everything.

I resolve that in 2010, I will work on being more selfish.


More on that in the coming days and weeks. Just chew on it for now.