Seriously, could you be just a little more boring?

Zumba with Jessica last night – and while I bitched and moaned, and Anna and I tried every which way to get out of it, I am glad I plowed through it – I slept so well last night, and I feel like the last of the lung crud is leaving, albeit slowly.

In addition to Zumba, I repaired my own vacuum cleaner last night. We decided to ditch the old bag, and clean the filter to see if it would smell less doggy. In the process, I decided we also needed to unclog and wash the roller brush. Well, as it turns out, the fan belt was kaput as well. So I installed a new belt, cleaned the whole machine from top to bottom and put it all back together. I haven’t used it yet, but that will happen in the front room tonight. Exciting stuff. Actually, it is kind of nice to be able to do stuff like that. On Sunday I had to dismantle the dishwasher to diagnose a leak – I picked up the part yesterday and Matt’s going to fix it for me Wednesday. I could do it myself, but I have other issues to handle. Like, the rest of Thanksgiving shopping to complete.

My family arrives a week from tomorrow. I’m actually in decent shape for their arrival, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do. That also doesn’t mean that when I get home from work every day, I wouldn’t rather just vegetate in front of the television. I’m finding that watching episodes of Clean House on the Style Network is infinitely easier than actually cleaning house. Go figure.

It’s beginning to actually feel a little like November. The sky today is the color of oysters, and in fact, it’s so squishy and cool out today, it’s kind of like being inside of an oyster. Only not as smelly.

I confessed to Matt a $20 financial decision I’d made without him, only to find him in complete agreement. I feel like I may be getting the hang of being a responsible grown-up. Sure, it was only $20, and it’s not like Matt was going to flip out on me either way, but it’s nice to feel good about your sense of judgment.

At the suggestion of the nice lady at the Red Cross, I’m trying to get my iron levels up by taking a children’s chewable multivitamin with iron. Rather than drop coin on Flintstones brand, I’ve chosen the Kroger equivalent – Zippy Zoos. This morning, I had a bear. It tasted like a cross between a Sweet Tart and roofing nails. Mmm, mmm! Yesterday's monkey and Sunday's lion were no better. The things I’ll do to give blood! I’m planning to go next Wednesday to see if I can make it work. Wish me lots and lots of luck.

Work is plugging along nicely. We have a new project manager, and I like him. He’s outgoing, a good communicator, and friendly. I think we’ll work well together. Allegedly, we’re going to be getting some new team members, and I’m hoping that they’re all sturdy, flexible, hardworking team players who have a sense of humor. A girl can dream.

I finally got my engagement ring resized – I had to remove it over the summer when it began cutting into my sausagey digit. It’s better than new, and I am thrilled to have it back. Thanks, Village Jewelers!

Other than that, nothing much is new. I am finding that my lunch hours have been turned over to errand running, and I expect that to continue into December. On the up side, at least we are somewhere that now lends itself to errands.

Make it a great day!