Talk Abouts/Learn Abouts

I’ve been scrupulous about admitting when I was wrong or I messed up – I’ve decided that in the interest of balance, I’m going to start pointing out when I’m right. Case in point – this morning, a colleague asked me about a call she invited me to – I told her I’d accepted it yesterday. She said her invite didn’t indicate that – so I sent her a screenshot of my invitation showing that I’d accepted it yesterday at 2:52 PM. Extreme? Maybe, but you’re essentially calling me a liar. Again, I’ll own up when I haven’t done something, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get credit for what I did.

My fall calendar is already starting to fill up socially. That’s not a bad thing, either. But I need clothes if I’m going to party like a rock star. Basically, I could use a dress for a wedding/my company’s Christmas gig, and maybe 2 pairs of pants and a few tops. Basically, I have a fullblown case of the wants. However, I need to pay off the mofos at Vanderbilt and Chase.

I’m glad that the new season of How I Met Your Mother is back, but last night’s show, after last week’s excellent season opener felt weak. Even so, I still got a few laughs. Since I went to Zumba, I watched it off the DVR so at least I could dump the ads.

Speaking of Zumba, we’re getting back into a Monday night routine, and that’s a good thing. What’s bad is that last night, my body would NOT cooperate with the moves on one song. Specifically the right side moves – my left side was clumsy but I executed, then when we had to go to the right, my brain just shut down. I wondered if this was what it felt like to have a stroke. I don’t think I’ve had one, I just think it was a rough night in the Zumba studio. Also, the woman in front of me was super intense and all about maximizing her workout, so compared to her, I looked maybe a little amateur, but at least authentic. I’m not saying don’t take the class seriously – just, don’t take yourself so damn seriously. Words to live by.

Other than that, the week seems to be moving along. I can’t believe we’re about to finish out September. I think we all know, I love October, but I’m not in any rush. Of course, who are we kidding – Costco already has Christmas gear out – if I were to pop over to Macy’s at lunch, I bet I’d see that they’re ready for the holidays, too.

Me, I’m ready for a nap, but it will be a few days before that gets back on the agenda. Now that it’s starting to get darker earlier, I need to maximize the daylight.