Pot Sample

I went back to the doctor yesterday at my mother's and husband’s insistence. The lung and sinus crud had lingered too long and they were concerned.

So after work, I hit up the walk-in hours, where once again Cori took a look at all things respiratory.

The verdict – she didn’t want me on antibiotics again so soon, and instead, hooked me up with pot.

A neti pot, that is. Apparently, she had some free samples from a local musician who is so enamored of them, he wrote a song about it.


Never one to turn down a free sample, I took my pot and ran.

When I got home, Matt got one look at it (see below) and made an astute observation…

It looks like a penis. Aladdin’s schlong. Notice the head, er, spout.

Not all neti pots have this drawback, but free is free. I loaded the mother up, stood over the sink and intentionally poured warm water up my nose.

And what do you know? It kind of worked. I’m not a neti expert, but I also didn’t drown myself and once I got done, I definitely breathed easier.

I didn’t have time to neti this morning, and I am regretting it – I feel like my head is full of glue, and think a nice warm bath to the schnozz might loosen it up.

So with some luck, I can dodge the Augmentin bullet and get on with my life.

Old dog, new trick. Amazing.


Erika said…
My dad & step-mom are huge neti pot fans - they are always going on and on about it. Supposed to be really great! Hope it helps.