Pain in the Neck (and arm)!

So it was an action packed weekend.

I left work feeling anxious, angry and cranky, but by bedtime, I’d put that all out of my head, and I slept like a rock.

We got up Saturday morning, had a huge breakfast at El Tapatio on Nolensville Pike. There was a runner up in this year’s “You Are So Nashville If…” contest that read, “You are so Nashville if you live off of Nolensville but go to The Gulch for Mexican food”. Anyway, we had a huge breakfast, then went back to the house to prep for a quick trip to Evansville, IN for a wedding.

After a three hour drive and a few hours of exploring the town, we headed to the wedding facility and watched Matt's friend Marcus exchange vows with his lovely bride, Jessica. It was a great time. We ate, socialized, chicken-danced and then came home. Midwesterners are a friendly bunch.

Sunday, I hit the ground running to undo the chaos created by getting new carpet. Our downstairs bedroom is now back in order and ready for company. The rest of the house…needs work.

I was able to plant the pansies I bought on Friday, and that made me incredibly happy. They’re so pretty, fun and friendly looking. And they smell good to boot.

But by bedtime last night, the work stuff I'd been able to table reared its ugly head once again and I went to bed feeling anxious and marginalized. It didn’t help that my left arm hurt from the shoulder to my fingers due to all the heavy lifting from the day. I didn't sleep well.

So, getting up this morning was a bit of a chore.

What I have come to realize, though, is that the things at work that were troubling me probably are not just imagined, but that they also fundamentally don’t matter. I enjoy what I do – I am excellent at it, and if the powers that be don’t see that or worse, don't see fit to reward it, the only people who lose out are our customers.

As long as I can afford to go to weddings and dance with my husband and plant flowers every now and again, the rest doesn’t matter.

But I still wouldn't say no to a big pile of money. I'd get some flannel sheets, maybe get a massage.