Cover your filthy mouth!

So, I think I've been pretty clear about my long foray into having a cold, and I finally became agitated enough that I went to my Doctor's office after work today. They have Nurse Practitioners on staff from 5PM - 8PM during the week to deal with people like me - sick enough to need attention, but well enough to get through a work day. Smart. I've been thrice this year.

The Nurse Practitioner who attended to me tonight was named Cori, and she was a young, well-dressed woman. Minus the stethoscope, she could have been at a Kappa Delta rush event. Why Kappa Delta? Because her eyebrows were not thick enough to be a Gamma Phi Beta (tell me I'm wrong - I'm not), and ADPi was just too easy. So there. *

Anyway, Cori gave me a scrip for an inhaler (again with the inhaler?), some Augmentin (she thinks better than amoxicillin, which was my standby in college), and these cough pearls - they really do look like pearls, and they're supposed to be good at night.

Of course, the reason I am posting this is specifically because of what was going down in the waiting room. They have removed most of the magazines - Swine Flu scare, I guess. But since it's a family practice, there's a little board with magnetic letters that you move around with an equally magnetized wand over in the corner for the kiddies. I quickly scanned it and found at least a half dozen words I could have spelled out that would have been so very wrong. Fuck Penis was my favorite combo. I also liked Sex Dud, and Vag Suck. This is how I spend my days.

So here's to throat pearls, wellness and a mind fertile enough to create filth out of innocence. But I've lived long enough to know that I am not unique - I doubt I'm the first person to look at those letters and wreak mental havoc.

Life is grand.

*I have nothing against KD, ADPi or GPhiB - even though they all cut me after Round 1. I do hold a grudge against Delta Zeta because they also cut me, but my hostess walked off and left me standing there, holding a glass of ice water and looking out their big bay window. I am sure I got her ass in trouble because I told some floater who came up to rescue me the sister's name. Ahahahahah! Revenge. Not like I was going to be a Dizzy, Easy DZ anyway!