Thanks for everything.

I went to water aerobics this morning,  and it didn't totally suck.  We had a sub, who actually got people to stop chatting and start kicking.  Impressive.  Apparently, compared to her class at Maryland Farms, we're athletes.  Go fig.  Thanks, Cheryl!

After breakfast, I met Matt's family at Fido, a coffee shop with better than average breakfast.  Herb & Cheese eggs, sliced tomatoes, coffee.  Thanks, Fido!

We spent a little time in Pangaea and then split up for the afternoon - I went to the mall in search of Aveda. Ever since I got that massage at Opryland, I've been jonesing for some of their great smelling hair stuff.  I ended up with a tube of something called "Be Curly".  And so, I will.  Thanks, Aveda lady. I liked your blue hair.

I spent an hour perusing a new place that sells accessories on the cheap called Charming Charlie's.  I maybe going back soon.  Thanks, Charlie!

I also hit the cheapy rack at Macy's where I bought the one thing I needed to round out my summer wardrobe - a casual sundress that's perfect for an evening at the ballpark or a Sunday morning grocery run. Sleeveless?  Yes, but since it's already 97 degrees out and it's only June 4th...I think it's just going to have to be OK.  Thanks, Tommy Hilfiger!  I honestly believe Tommy is the one man who gets it when it come to women of size.

And then I came home, ate a little lunch, took a nap and I am here to tell the tale.  My stomach hurts a little, and I think it's all my stress from the past week giving my body a final farewell before it exits through the gift shop.  Ummm.....thanks, tuna?

So now I need to get a shower, wash the chlorine off of me (I didn't have time pre-breakfast), and then I can put on my new dress, get my curly on and go eat burritos with the family.  On second thought... do I really want to eat burritos in a new ensemble?  Do I really want to shower? 

Summertime (or very nearly) and the livin' is... easy (and vaguely sleazy).



PS - I saw at least 40 things I wanted at Pangaea.  Not the cicada wing earrings, though