Leave it to Beaver

So, I promise, I'll let it go, but first...

If you've been reading my blog for the past week, you know I've been having some work angst.

I haven't been getting the support or understanding I feel like I deserve.  I had my feelings hurt in a big way from someone I trusted earlier today.  Even last night, my mother admonished me for being so outspoken.

And then, I got a surprise.  I talked to a female manager, who is my newest boss's counterpart, and who was briefly my manager for about six weeks.  I like her.  I trust and respect her.  And I told her that things may shake out to give me more bandwidth.  And if that was the case, I wanted to offer her my help in any way possible.

She asked me how I felt about the change.  She said that when she heard it first, she asked the powers that be what my thoughts were about it.  "Does it matter?" I shrugged and asked her. 

"It does to me," she said.

Yeah, I'll be in the bathroom weeping silently if you need me.

So, you know.  Thanks, female manager, for letting me know I matter.

Because you know what?  I do. 

And I swear, now I'll let it go.