Haven't got time for the pain...

Damn.  Something I ate or inhaled or something is making my stomach cramp and gurgle before requiring me to hit the ladies room yet again.

I don't think I'm contagious, I'm inclined to think food poisoning, albeit mild.

Which is just what I needed.  I'm taking tomorrow off to get stuff ready for the 4th of July party, and I honestly didn't want to spend a day recuperating from ass-on-fire.

My joints hurt, and that says low-grade fever, but I couldn't tell you where a thermometer is to check.

Not that it matters - I'm due at Rumours Wine Bar in 15 minutes to meet a friend I haven't seen since February.  Well, I'm foshdef skinnier than I was, and the volcanic bile I've been off-loading hasn't hurt.

So, a quick wine-snack-chat, then back to the house for laundry and list-making.

Let us have a quick moment of silence for my innards.