Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?

Thankfully, a day later, my head is starting to hurt less.  I’m taking OTC painkillers, and it’s mostly in check.  The stitches feel weird, though.  Me hatey.  To say nothing of the Keflex – Antibiotic of the Underworld.  I think I have only 18 left.  Me really, really hatey.

Meanwhile, I was able to dash out some laundry before bed,  and get to work more or less on time this morning.  I had to stop and get an iced coffee at Dunkin to clear the Loritab-induced fog, but since I offered to get my partner and my boss coffee, I felt I was covered.  They both declined.  Their loss.  Plus, I was only like seven minutes late.  Set that bar high!

My job for the evening is to get the house in quasi working order.  I’ve let things slip.  I have a metric fuckton of laundry to fold and put away.  Not to be vulgar – that’s just the unit in which laundry is measured.  Trust me.

I also need to prep, print, stamp and mail my invitations to the Annual Picnic up in the mountains.  As head of the Social Committee, it’s imperative that my guests know the deets for our fiesta.

As an aside, what am I going to bring to the potluck this year?  I have a brown sugar pound cake that looks killer.  I may make that, drizzle it with caramel and call it a day.

One thing I don’t need to do is dinner.  I threw it in the Crock Pot before work this morning.  It’s Dr. Pepper Pork.  It may be disgusting.  We’ll find out soon.

Technically, because I’m cheap, it’s Dr. K Pork.  Did you know there are people who collect images of Fake Dr. Pepper ProdsFor example:


Check out the facial growth on this guy.  Is it a neck beard?  Muttonchops?  I think we can safely call them Dr HairFlaps…

Wish me luck on my latest slow cooker…success?  We can only hope.