Odds and Evens

I overheard the Support team having their weekly meeting today, and things apparently are really hairy.  Lots and lots of complaints, unhappy customers and so on.  I feel bad, but… if they’d kept me on the team, I think their concerns would be mitigated.  I have the smarts, I’m a motivator, and I have a dedication to giving good service.  But I have to say, sucks to be them, and I’m glad I jumped the wall.  Because in my department, one of the managers just opened and shared some Godiva chocolates a vendor sent her.  Mmm, Almond Praline!

In other fun news, weigh-in wasn’t stellar this week – I gained 1.6 pounds, but given the debauchery at the cabin, added to my trip to St. Louis, I think that’s a wash.  I’ve already shed that and I’m on track for a stellar time next week. 

Wedding tomorrow for my former boss, Dennis – I am excited because I am wearing the dress I wore to my bridesmaid luncheon almost 6 years ago, and because I think there may be some of my company’s higher-ups there, and it’s always nice to feel important.

Plus, I love me some weddings.  They’re just awesome.  What could be better than two people who love each other making it legal and inviting me to eat cake with them?  Nothing.  That’s what.

I got a pedicure at lunch -  OPI Dating a Royal – which is just the yummiest blue in the universe.  I love my toes.  LOVE.

Tonight, it’s haircut time.

I’m asking for this:

Don't be fooled.  This woman is totes stylin!

I think my head, hair and face can handle it.  I’ll have to see.  In full disclosure – this is actually a wig.  One of my friends suggested I just shave my head and wear the wig.  Good call.

I should also note that I’m getting the massive cyst (which I swear has doubled) removed on Monday.  About damn time.  It hurts, it itches and it’s naaaaaaaaasty.  I think it’ll also make a significant difference when I weigh in.

Tomorrow, I’m double dipping at the Y.  Water Aerobics, then Zumba.  It’s time.  It’s past time.  I got some new New Balance 580s.  Love them.  Got them in wide, and that makes a huge difference on my huge feet.  More wide than huge, but still.

I planned a nice dinner with my new boss and my old partner – James and Jim respectively.  We’re going to get popsicles at Las Paletas first, then move on to dinner.  It’s a 12 South evening.  I may get the house in shape and have them over for a night cap. 

Also, now that all my travel is done, I can finally make that gazpacho I’ve been jonesing for.  So excited.  I may even hit the Farmers Market in the morning after class to get some local tomatoes for the finished product.


I love the weekend.  Today at work I was so worthless because it’s Friday.  I need this weekend like bees need flowers, like Jazz trumpeters need heroin.

I’m just saying.

Happy Friday to you and yours.