The Porcine Verdict Is In

OK, so, I had I  not set the CrockPot to HIGH, I'm sure that the Dr. Pepper Pork would have cooked slower, maybe not have left a seared cola residue on my pot, and would have resulted in a more tender, less dried out cut of meat.

As it was, it wasn't much different from any other pork I've done via slow cooker.   I threw some BBQ sauce on my serving, threw it on a Sandwich Thin, and called it dinner.

Meanwhile, I'm still hungry, I didn't even bother to cook the corn or assemble the slaw...

Why?  Because weigh-in is tomorrow, and I really, really, really want to get over this hump and get my 40 pound sticker.  Note - this sticker is a star - I get one every five pounds to stick in my booklet.  It is not, unfortunately a sticker weighing 40 pounds.  Although, wouldn't that be impactful?

If my current stats hold, I'm closer to 39.6 pounds lost, and that would be a real pisser.  Not that I deserve to lose 2.6 pounds tomorrow.  I've been a little (or you know more than a little) careless this week - like, the cupcakes at the wedding, for starters.

So, I need to fix the slaw and corn, since Matt needs dinner, eventually.  Although, he would probably be happier with a Hot Pocket, or even cereal - my nearly-burnt offering is somewhat lackluster.

Have I mentioned Matt doesn't eat mayo?  This makes my life just that much harder.  I prefer a mayo based slaw, but I end up with an abomination - usually an Asian derivation that leaves me cold.  And since he never ate slaw growing up (because of the mayo) even the dumbed down version is a hard sell.

As for the corn, I think Matt is neutral on it, and actually, so am I.


To summarize.  Dr. Pepper pork will eventually get a do-over.  Maybe.

And I'm probably not going to get that sticker tomorrow, so I might want to eat a healthy dinner now, rather than start foraging and making bad decisions at 10PM.


After dinner, I'm taking Lola outside while I work on my Picnic Invites.  I got an email from a nosy Nelly in the club asking if I'd sent them.  Really, homeslice?  Do you really want to go there?  No, you do not.