Head Games

Well, it’s been a superfun work week, but I am glad we’re in the home stretch, and I’m gearing up for the weekend.

Dinner with my colleagues last night was excellent – great food, great company.  I ate way too much, but I’m back on the path to righteousness. 

As to the weekend itself, what can I say?  We don’t really have any plans above those which are necessary for baseline survival (Gym, Kroger Laundry -  take that, Jersey Shore).  I had mailed out the invitations for the picnic earlier in the week, and mine arrived yesterday, which means the others should have theirs by Monday, if not sooner.  Nice work, Mrs. E!

My head is still healing, slowly.  I’ve been diligent with the antibiotics.  I’ve stayed on top of pain, although, it still hurts a little if I lean over too far or move my noggin too quickly – so I’m trying to avoid doing that.

Meanwhile, we started crating Lola at bedtime last night, and honestly, it went fine.  I don’t think she really cares because she’s asleep.  So, yeah.  I also slept way, way in – it was delightful. I think Lola may be a little senile, and that causes her night wandering.  It’s a thought.  The crate works, and I’m glad.  Although, a one night victory is just a battle – not necessarily the whole war.

That’s really about it.  I have a new Southern Living at the house, and I’m looking forward to reading it – even though the cover story is peaches.  I like peaches, but cover story?  Really?

Ok then – let’s get the weekend started.