So, the Frankenfoot is slowly, slowly returning to a normal size, and aren't we all glad?  I know I am.  I haven't tried putting normal shoes on this morning, but I figure they'll go on, even if I have to Crisco up first.

I completely forgot why I hate taking steroids - injected, inhaled, or orally.  They make me agitated.  They also make me obscenely puffy.

My rings are tight again this morning, and they've been perfectly lose for months.  I'm sure that the 90+ degree weather isn't helping.

My plan, such as it is, for today is to grab a large iced coffee with skim on the way into work this morning. It's Nature's AquaBan, and it's my full day's supply of anything from Dunkin Doughnuts.

I've already taken a Claritin, and I have to wonder if that will draw out some fluid.

I feel reasonably sure it's going to be a lackluster weigh in.  They happen, even to nice girls like me.

And, please.  I had a Frosty this weekend.  And a crap lunch yesterday, and a few little things I shouldn't have.

Nothing obscene, just, not my purest week.

I need to shower and start getting ready, though.  Wish me luck!

By the way, effective today, the first of June, I've written more in six months of 2011 on this blog than I did in all of 2010.

And every word, golden.