Well, that's gonna leave a mark...

I finally got the cyst removed.  Good news/bad news.  It might actually be a lipoma (fatty benign tumor).

If that's the case, they'll have to go in and de-bulk it again.  Yes, she said de-bulk.  De-bulking the lipoma on your scalp.  Rolls off the tongue.

If it's a cyst, then it ruptured, is granulating as we speak, and we're done here.

The pain is sinking in.  I was advised to skip Zumba and I'm glad I did - because my head hurts in ways I've never experienced.

And I need to wash the blood and iodine out of my hair.  But I have to be careful with the stitches. Honestly, I just want to barf.  Just a little, that's all.  The left side of my head is...well, I can't think straight.

Holy hell.

And I have a full training day tomorrow.

I think it may be time to grab a Loritab, take the antibiotic she gave me and crash.  Except, shit - what am I going to wear to work tomorrow?  I wore my cute easy dress today.  Leaving me with... laundry.  And panic.

OK... quick load of laundry,  get drugged up and hope for the best.

Have I mentioned my head hurts?

PS - I'll spare you pictures of my disgusting dome.  To be honest, I haven't looked yet, either.


Ewwww. Glad it's gone and most likely not going to cause further trouble. Hope your head feels better soon!
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