Peanut, Dixie, and Mr. Peabody - Every dog has his day.

Well, folks, in an hour, I'll know the tale of the scale, and it's going to be a horror story this week.

I ate, and I will pay.

Unless my eyes deceive me, we're looking at a 2 pound gain.  Maybe less, but I doubt much more than that.

Some of it is steroids, sure.  But not all.

Frostys, Tater tots, Animal Crackers?

Sheesh - I knew better!

And yet, I'd still like a piece of cake.  Covered in fudgy icing.

Is the Weight Watchers Honeymoon over?  It can't be.  I can't let it.

I need to stay for the meeting and get my weekly sermon.  Track your Points Plus, eat your Power Foods, drink water.  More water.  Move more.  Exercise is good for you.


Can this diet be saved?