1. So, as it turns out, Matt's leftover Asian Slaw + Leftover Dr. Pepper Pork + 1:30 in the microwave = Delicious!  Who could have guessed?

2. Remember the pain-in-the-ass couple new to my Weight Watchers group that I described lovingly in this post right here?  So, they were at it again tonight.   They have both lost 10 pounds, but apparently, that's not good enough, and she's still not convinced she's getting enough points, and he isn't eating all his - so he should be losing faster, right?  Well, anyway, they both got their 10 pound star, which is awesome.  Except that naturally, someone had to steal their thunder.

3.  And that someone was ME!  Word.  I am officially at 40.8 pounds down.  Verily, I say unto thee - fuck, yeah!!!

4. Meanwhile, I really want some cute clothes...but I'm kind of in that no-woman's-land of too fat for most "regular" sizes,  but too svelte for a lot of the hideousness in the plus-sized department.  So, it means I have to actually shop.  Try things on.  I did get a cute top at JC Penney's today.  I don't totally love it, but I like it.  I want more.  I especially want something super cute to wear to the 4th of July party.  But damn.  There's a top on UllaPopken.com that I like.  And I think it would be cute on me - but it's $50, and it seems like that is too much for a top that I'll be able to wear for a few months.  But seriously, isn't this totes adorbs?

5.  The Emergency Vet just down the street from us got a new sign - it's really cheerful - the old one was dated and sad looking -  beige and brown, and might as well have said "Bring Your Pets Here to Perish".

6.  My company is producing a video encouraging customers to attend our user conference - and guess who they want to appear in it?  Oh my, my.  Oh hell yes.  I am going to be given talking points, but I've been instructed to "have fun with it".  Perhaps they should be more specific.  Taping is tomorrow, allegedly.  I'll make sure to look cute.

7.  My head is doing better, but I've had several episodes of stabbing pain in my scalp today.  I took a hydrocodone last night and remembered why I don't like them - I woke up itchy and hyper.  At 3:18 AM.  I had a long inner monologue about updating my status on Facebook with some plot points of a children's book I haven't read in probably 30 years.

8. I sent out the postcards for the party, and now it remains to figure out what I am bringing.  Deviled eggs?  Meatballs?  Pound cake?   Also, what am I going to wear?  See also number 4.

9. I am having dinner tomorrow night with NewBoss and my current teammate - of course, this time next week, he won't be my partner any more.  I feel bereft.  Tomorrow night is the first and last outing of my team as it exists today, and I'll be sad to see the change.  But, maybe it will be ok.  Regardless, tomorrow we're headed to Las Paletas and then Mafiaoza's.    Just the three of us.  I think. I suggested inviting my partner's replacement, but we decided not to.

And that's about the size of things here.

Muchas smoochas!