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Quit your bellyachin'

I have a little stomach bug that's leaving the system as we speak.

I did lose a little weight, but other than that, I'm ready for it to get gone.

I don't have much going on other than that.  My laptop at work finally died.  Rather unspectacularly as I was booting it up to give a customer an onsite product demo.

I've started Christmas shopping.  I'm stoked.  We got my nephew something super cool.  Since my sister occasionally reads this blog, I'm not telling what or showing a picture.  But trust me - it's AMAZING.

And that's all for now.


I think there's something you should know.

I love Thanksgiving.  Gravy, dressing, newspapers thick with ads (which I will never use because I think Black Friday shopping is evil)... what's not to love?

I got to pet my parents' pugs, eat, cook, and chill.

Now, we're onto Christmas.

Full disclosure?  I kind of hate Christmas.

I mean, I enjoy the idea of Christmas.  I like the magazine pictures of gingerbread houses, I like the thought of chestnuts roasting by an open fire.

I love thinking about the things I'd give as gifts, were money no object.

But money is an object.  And who has time to tend an open fire, let alone roast chestnuts?  Do they have a crock pot chestnut recipe?  And I'll be lucky to get my rum balls made this year, let alone so much as an outhouse made from gingerbread. Although, that would be hilarious.

I am kind of over Christmas music.  They're playing it now, full-time on one of my favorite stations, which means that I won't be hearing "Call Me Maybe" until the first of t…

Bringing in the sheaves

Tonight the mister and I are heading to Atlanta to celebrate turkey day with the tribal elders.  Personally, I'm stoked.

I would be more stoked had I not just spent $80 to get back into the car that I had just locked my keys and wallet into.  Oh, and my phone was back at the house, charging.

AWESOME!  You don't manage that kind of specialness every day.   But, it's fine,  we're basically packed and ready to go.  Which means that when he gets home, gets a few things packed up, and whatnot... we're rolling.

I need a nap.


Crepes, crap...

It's been a pretty quiet weekend.  I did a painting class Friday night with my friend, Jim.  We drank beer and painted happy trees:

Saturday, I got a haircut.  I'll provide a photo in a few weeks, once it grows out a little.  Yeah, it's short.  It's cute, but it's short.  I'll be fine.

Matt has been building his own computer and has decided he wants to convert our front room into an office.  I'm on board for the simple reason that it means I'm getting myself a sofa for his office for Christmas:

It's a sofa bed, and I think it'll go well with the existing decor.  Matt's office stuff is mostly blonde, modern, etc.

I am planning to go and get it and take it back Thanksgiving weekend.  I haven't clued Matt in yet.  I'll break it to him gently.  Of course.

In re: Thanksgiving, we had planned to go to my parents' cabin, but it turns out the water pump is broken, and that would make for a disastrous Turkey Day. So Wednesday, after wor…

Dress for Success

Today was our Thanksgiving potluck at the office.  Fabulous.  Good stuff.

I made a six quart crock pot full of dressing.  It was vaguely obscene.  Even more obscene?  They ate it all.  ALL.  I have to be honest, it was great.  It was damn good dressing.

I took the bone from one of the spiral hams and I'll be using my crock pot to make soup tomorrow.  Bean soup.  Good stuff.  As I told one of my colleagues today, I may be a city girl, but I still have some good pioneer stock left in me.  Urban pioneer.  Caddie Motherfucking Woodlawn.

We have some planning to do for the holidays.  Time to put a party together for the crew.  And figure out New Year's.

Dipmas is in the works.  And I think we have a plan for my nephew for Christmas.

It's starting to come together.


Dry Yi Yi!

The cold weather isn't a bad thing.  It kills off mosquitoes, it offers some respite from the hot, humid weather.  These are good things.

The bad things have to do with the lack of moisture in the air.  For one, my hair looks terrible.  Terrible.  Terrrrrrible.  Dry, frizzy, flat.  And if you'll recall, I kind of screwed my hair up a few months ago with that home-dye job, then the subsequent salon fixy fix helped a great deal, but let's face it - it's growing in, and it's not as supple and gorgeous as it could be.

I'm getting a cut on Saturday, and I'm going to try to remove as much of the dark, damaged hair in that cut.  I'm also contemplating bangs.  No, no - don't try to stop me!

But the hair is merely cosmetic.

The real issue is my skin.  It's so dry and itchy.  It's like paper - it's as pale, too!

Every year around this time, I tell Matt I would benefit from a lotion gun.  They don't exist.  But they should...

Basically, it'…

Pudding Bully

Look, I think I've made it clear through photos and text - my weight is an issue.  It has been, it will be.

It's fine.  I'm aware of it.

As such, I'm always looking at new and interesting diets to see if there's something out there better than Weight Watchers - so far, there is not magic bullet.

But one that comes up a lot is the Paleo Diet - which is basically, eating what cavepeople ate, only with the modern conveniences of Crock Pots, refrigeration, supermarkets, etc.

Today, one of my colleagues brought in some pudding that I believe would be paleo-esque, but at the very least was vegan.  Vegan Chocolate Pudding - made with avocado, vegan chocolate chips, agave nectar and so on.

Begging the question - if something is made to mimic a food, but does not contain any of the components of the orginal food, can you call it that?  I mean, pudding is a custard made of milk and eggs, or, if we want to get lazy, a box of powdered mix and milk.

Wouldn't we be more hone…

Of Bagels and Barrels

I truly don't miss Atlanta like I used to.  I love Nashville, and it's home.

There are things about Atlanta that I do miss.  I've posted about it before - I'd say decent Chinese food is at the top of the list.  I've learned to make do, and to eat up in Atlanta when given a chance.

The other two have both been top of mind recently.

I could use a good bagel.  My father, sadly, turned me into a bagel snob at a young age.  I'll eat jalapeno cheddar, and asiago peppercorn, but what I want, what I really want is rye.  Rye with olive cream cheese. 

I can't seem to get a decent version of that here.  I may need to revisit Star Bagel...

The other thing I miss is Crate & Barrel.  Like most women my age, when it came time to register for my wedding, I had to so some thinking - we had guests coming in from a lot of different places, and we didn't want to be greedy.   So, Bed Bath and Beyond was a no-brainer.  Macy's for flatware, knives and a few other litt…

This is what I do when it's slow at the office.

Here's a hilarious little e mail I sent to a few of my nearest and dearest at the office:

Electoral Dysfunction

So, my guy won.  Which makes me happy.  What's not working for me is all of the bile being spewed across both sides of the aisle on Facebook.  I mean, I love me some Obama,  but had Romney won, I'd be OK.  I wouldn't love it, but I wouldn't think it's my right to call everyone a dumbass.

Now, the people who re-elected Dr. Scott Desjarlais... they're dumbasses.  So is Desjarlais.

He had a mistress, she got pregnant, and he was able to put aside his Pro-Life views to suggest he could drive her to Atlanta to get an abortion.  He had a second mistress to whom he prescribed medical marijuana.  And then went to her house to help her smoke it.

Good old Rocky Top.  Rocky Top, Tennessee.

In other, non-related news, I'm still fat.  To no one's actual shock.  Except maybe my own.

We have a mouse in the house - which happens every year, as soon as it gets cold.  It's what happens when your house is old and full of holes.

I am setting traps tonight.  Sorry vermi…

Free to and me, bitches.

Today, I had a moment that makes me realize I might actually have been an OK parent, but more importantly, I am a good neighbor.

The little guy who lives across the street was out playing with his mother.  She wanted to know if they could ask me a question.  He's about five, and has never cut his hair - he's starting to wonder if it's OK for boys to have long hair, and what did I think?  I told them to hang on a second, and I went and grabbed Matt and my high school pictures.

I showed our neighbor that I used to have really short hair, Matt had long hair - and that anybody could have whatever hair they liked.  And that even if he wanted to cut it now, he could grow it out again.

He felt better, and his Mom thanked me for my assistance.

And my heart grew three sizes that day.

All kidding aside though... I'm pretty proud of the way I managed that.



I did a little shopping today.  I got a Macy's card from my parents for my birthday, and I needed new jeans, and they were having an Election Day Sale. So, there you go.

I decided to go to Lane Bryant and get two new bras - mine are a little threadbare.  I'm not the biggest fan of their clothes, but their lingerie line, Cacique, makes the best bras.

And when I got there, I learned they were having a Buy One, Get One Free deal.  So I got four bras.

Including this one:

So, that's fun, at least.

This evening I headed out with some friends to do the Art Crawl downtown.  After, we had dinner, then went for drinks.

All in all kind of a great day.

Attitude of Gratitude

As I have written before, I get this thing after major events - sort of a post-event letdown.

And I am having that in a big way right now.  My birthday and Halloween are over.  And the election... well, because of Hurricane Sandy, I don't know if there will be an election.  Well, I mean, there will be, but instead of a day... weeks?  A month?

I haven't felt very motivated - one look at my house would tell you that.  Or my Weight Watchers passbook for the last year.

I need to pull it together.

Yesterday a bunch of people on Facebook started posting things they're grateful for - one a day for the month.  I thought about posting, "I'm thankful November only has 30 days". Take that, niceniks!

Well, the fact is, I'm generally pretty happy-go-lucky and glad to be alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic.  So, as they suggest, I'm going to fake it til I make it.

And let's be honest, I still have an eye for things that are neat.

Take this for example:


NaNoWriMo, Mofo.

November is National Novel Writing Month.  It's also No Shave November.  Guess which one I'll be participating in?  Well, neither, to be honest.

Because I can't stand it when my legs get too hairy.  Full disclosure:  I've also got an appointment for a little recreational waxing as a kick in the ass to get back in the pool.  So, I won't end the month hairier than I started.

Part two, I'm not planning to write a novel.  I mean, someday, maybe. But not this month.   I mean, really,  who has the time?  I have to get our winter clothes out, pull out our down comforter, grocery shop and cope with the daily rigors of a full-time job. 

And get waxed.

What I will do, is a hybrid of NaNoWriMo/NoShaNo.  In which, I'm going to post a blog entry each day this month.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll let that one long blond hair that grows out of the bridge of my nose grow wild.

We'll see.

As they say - nothing beats a fail but a try.