Of Bagels and Barrels

I truly don't miss Atlanta like I used to.  I love Nashville, and it's home.

There are things about Atlanta that I do miss.  I've posted about it before - I'd say decent Chinese food is at the top of the list.  I've learned to make do, and to eat up in Atlanta when given a chance.

The other two have both been top of mind recently.

I could use a good bagel.  My father, sadly, turned me into a bagel snob at a young age.  I'll eat jalapeno cheddar, and asiago peppercorn, but what I want, what I really want is rye.  Rye with olive cream cheese. 

I can't seem to get a decent version of that here.  I may need to revisit Star Bagel...

The other thing I miss is Crate & Barrel.  Like most women my age, when it came time to register for my wedding, I had to so some thinking - we had guests coming in from a lot of different places, and we didn't want to be greedy.   So, Bed Bath and Beyond was a no-brainer.  Macy's for flatware, knives and a few other little necessities, and of course...Crate and Barrel.

We registered for an everyday china called Maison.  It looks like this:

And yes, it's just plain, boring white - but it's awesome and I love it.  And, I got Matt to agree on it, because given a choice my taste is more:

And Matt's is more:

So I think you can see, we did a good job compromising.

For the record - I inherited my Paternal Grandmother's Fine China - it looks like this:

So, anyway, the nice thing about Maison is that it's cheap.  And that's good - because we can break some dinnerware.

Tuesday, I ordered some new salad plates.  Matt and I prefer to eat off of them because of that trick where it seems like you're getting more food than you are.

And we were down to four.

I ordered six more and guess what?

They're heeeeeeeeeeeere!

If only Bagelicious were that easily available.  I'd be set.


PS - I also inherited my Maternal Grandmother's silver: