Dress for Success

Today was our Thanksgiving potluck at the office.  Fabulous.  Good stuff.

I made a six quart crock pot full of dressing.  It was vaguely obscene.  Even more obscene?  They ate it all.  ALL.  I have to be honest, it was great.  It was damn good dressing.

I took the bone from one of the spiral hams and I'll be using my crock pot to make soup tomorrow.  Bean soup.  Good stuff.  As I told one of my colleagues today, I may be a city girl, but I still have some good pioneer stock left in me.  Urban pioneer.  Caddie Motherfucking Woodlawn.

If at first, you don't fricassee; fry, fry a hen.

We have some planning to do for the holidays.  Time to put a party together for the crew.  And figure out New Year's.

Dipmas is in the works.  And I think we have a plan for my nephew for Christmas.

It's starting to come together.