NaNoWriMo, Mofo.

November is National Novel Writing Month.  It's also No Shave November.  Guess which one I'll be participating in?  Well, neither, to be honest.

Because I can't stand it when my legs get too hairy.  Full disclosure:  I've also got an appointment for a little recreational waxing as a kick in the ass to get back in the pool.  So, I won't end the month hairier than I started.

Part two, I'm not planning to write a novel.  I mean, someday, maybe. But not this month.   I mean, really,  who has the time?  I have to get our winter clothes out, pull out our down comforter, grocery shop and cope with the daily rigors of a full-time job. 

And get waxed.

What I will do, is a hybrid of NaNoWriMo/NoShaNo.  In which, I'm going to post a blog entry each day this month.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll let that one long blond hair that grows out of the bridge of my nose grow wild.

We'll see.

As they say - nothing beats a fail but a try.