Pudding Bully

Look, I think I've made it clear through photos and text - my weight is an issue.  It has been, it will be.

It's fine.  I'm aware of it.

As such, I'm always looking at new and interesting diets to see if there's something out there better than Weight Watchers - so far, there is not magic bullet.

But one that comes up a lot is the Paleo Diet - which is basically, eating what cavepeople ate, only with the modern conveniences of Crock Pots, refrigeration, supermarkets, etc.

Today, one of my colleagues brought in some pudding that I believe would be paleo-esque, but at the very least was vegan.  Vegan Chocolate Pudding - made with avocado, vegan chocolate chips, agave nectar and so on.

Begging the question - if something is made to mimic a food, but does not contain any of the components of the orginal food, can you call it that?  I mean, pudding is a custard made of milk and eggs, or, if we want to get lazy, a box of powdered mix and milk.

If you feel compelled to add fruit to pudding, this is the best possible choice.

Wouldn't we be more honest to call it Choco Dessert Guac?

It was weird.  I didn't love it.  It was also a little gritty.

And I didn't want to try it but I got guiltified into it.

And now, I've had my no thank you bite, I don't have to do it again.

But, it gave me something to write about.