Crepes, crap...

It's been a pretty quiet weekend.  I did a painting class Friday night with my friend, Jim.  We drank beer and painted happy trees:

Don't be fooled  - a 40 of Bud Light is the way to go.

Saturday, I got a haircut.  I'll provide a photo in a few weeks, once it grows out a little.  Yeah, it's short.  It's cute, but it's short.  I'll be fine.

Matt has been building his own computer and has decided he wants to convert our front room into an office.  I'm on board for the simple reason that it means I'm getting myself a sofa for his office for Christmas:

IKEA... I love you.

It's a sofa bed, and I think it'll go well with the existing decor.  Matt's office stuff is mostly blonde, modern, etc.

I am planning to go and get it and take it back Thanksgiving weekend.  I haven't clued Matt in yet.  I'll break it to him gently.  Of course.

In re: Thanksgiving, we had planned to go to my parents' cabin, but it turns out the water pump is broken, and that would make for a disastrous Turkey Day. So Wednesday, after work, we'll head to their house instead.  It'll be fun.

In the meantime, we're cleaning and re-orging the house - which will also mean that I can throw a party for New Year's.  It's all about me.

Speaking of me.  I talked Matt into taking me to breakfast today.  We had crepes at The Perch.  Overpriced, but delicious.

So with that I'll get back to cleaning, rearranging and so on.

Gobble, gobble.