This is what I do when it's slow at the office.

Here's a hilarious little e mail I sent to a few of my nearest and dearest at the office:

You are receiving this e mail because we feel that you would be an excellent participant in The Second Annual Twelve Days of Dipmas.

What is Dipmas?  Well, last December, James Hanna, [Former Employee] Colby Laughter, his wife Diane and I were having dinner together and talking about the special foods we like to prepare at the Holidays.  The topic landed and stayed on dips, and within moments, the idea of the Twelve Days of Dipmas was born.  During this Twelve Day bacchanalia, we gather in curvicles with various dips, in order to sample and socialize with one another.  Dips are the glue that hold us together.

This year, the First Day of Dipmas will fall on Monday, December 3, 2012.  Dipmas will conclude with a special visit from Salsa Claus on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

We feel that this gives us ample time to prepare, and shouldn’t interfere with those who plan to take time off around the Holidays.

How can you participate?  By eating dip, of course!  You can also offer to bring a dip on one of the Twelve Days.   I should actually say on one of the first eleven days – Day 12 has been carefully planned with a special dip finale.  A dipstravaganza, if you will.  And I think you will.

The beauty of dip is its inherent simplicity and versatility.  Chips and guac?  That’s a dip!  Apple slices and caramel?  Dip on!  Carrots and ranch dressing?  Dips Ahoy!  Ruffles and store bought French Onion Dip?  Dip it; dip it good!  Of course, there are more complex dips, and they’re welcome too!  Seven layer dip, hot crab dip, spinach artichoke dip... I could go on for hours.

We’re not going to do a sign-up sheet – the spirit of Dipmas is to let the dip flow organically.  But if you feel that you’d like to bring something in, let myself or James know so that we’ll make sure all Twelve Days have some representation.  We’re starting to generate buzz early.  We’ll send out reminders periodically, and if you’d like to be removed from this list, please let me know – we do not want to infringe on anyone who may not appreciate dip, Dipmas, or occasional amusing e mails.

If you would like to pass this e mail to others, please do.  Dipmas is a holiday of inclusion – and although we tried to get this out to the usual suspects, we may have incorrectly cross-referenced our naughty and nice lists!

We wish you a Merry Dipmas, and a Salty New Year.