Dry Yi Yi!

The cold weather isn't a bad thing.  It kills off mosquitoes, it offers some respite from the hot, humid weather.  These are good things.

The bad things have to do with the lack of moisture in the air.  For one, my hair looks terrible.  Terrible.  Terrrrrrible.  Dry, frizzy, flat.  And if you'll recall, I kind of screwed my hair up a few months ago with that home-dye job, then the subsequent salon fixy fix helped a great deal, but let's face it - it's growing in, and it's not as supple and gorgeous as it could be.

I'm getting a cut on Saturday, and I'm going to try to remove as much of the dark, damaged hair in that cut.  I'm also contemplating bangs.  No, no - don't try to stop me!

But the hair is merely cosmetic.

The real issue is my skin.  It's so dry and itchy.  It's like paper - it's as pale, too!

Every year around this time, I tell Matt I would benefit from a lotion gun.  They don't exist.  But they should...

Basically, it's a heated reservoir with a spray implement that takes and heats lotion and allows you to spray it all over your body.   Like one of those paint sprayers, but with lotion, and heated.  Maybe I just need a lotion warmer... I don't know - does that exist?

[Quick Google search reveals that it does, and they're on backorder.  Curses!!]

I hate putting on lotion because it's cold, and I hate being cold in the winter. 

The real issue is that I'm just fucking lazy, OK?

I admit it.  I wake up too late, I take too long getting motivated, and I neglect to lotion up. 

And then I'm dry and itchy for the rest of the day.

Although, I do keep my hands good and greased up - because that isn't negotiable - they will split and crack if I don't.

I just need to buy some really cheap lotion, make sure I can stand the way it smells for 8 hours at a sitting and slather myself religiously.

And I think I'm going to keep it in a Little Dipper Crock Pot so that it's 120 degrees and ready for me at any time.

Mmmmm.  Warm lotion.