Electoral Dysfunction

So, my guy won.  Which makes me happy.  What's not working for me is all of the bile being spewed across both sides of the aisle on Facebook.  I mean, I love me some Obama,  but had Romney won, I'd be OK.  I wouldn't love it, but I wouldn't think it's my right to call everyone a dumbass.

Now, the people who re-elected Dr. Scott Desjarlais... they're dumbasses.  So is Desjarlais.

He had a mistress, she got pregnant, and he was able to put aside his Pro-Life views to suggest he could drive her to Atlanta to get an abortion.  He had a second mistress to whom he prescribed medical marijuana.  And then went to her house to help her smoke it.

Good old Rocky Top.  Rocky Top, Tennessee.

In other, non-related news, I'm still fat.  To no one's actual shock.  Except maybe my own.

We have a mouse in the house - which happens every year, as soon as it gets cold.  It's what happens when your house is old and full of holes.

I am setting traps tonight.  Sorry vermin.  I have standards.

I don't know... that seems to be it.  For now.