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De trop.

I finally washed my hair this morning, and fortunately, I don't think it's going to be too bad of a scar.  I still have that gauze attached, which means I'm scarfing it out in public.  I wore a scarf to work yesterday and nobody said a word.  Well, my old boss gave me a hard time, briefly, but I started describing in detail a purse string suture, and that shut him down quickly.

Meanwhile, life goes on.   I am using the Crock Pot to make some peach butter, which I'll can and share with friends and family.  I'm seeing biscuits, and I'm seeing maybe some bacon...

I think Matt and I are going out for dinner.  I need a little daylight, I need to not cook.  I also need a neck massage because favoring my skull has left me a little "stove up".

Other than that, it's all good.  I'm healing, I'm happy...

I watched some seriously crap TV during my recovery.  Including Bill & Giuliana... wow.  After that, a few hours of Big, Rich Texas.  There are …

Well, that was...

So, I am done.  My head has been opened, debulked and sewn shut.

And it is lovely.  I mean, just gorgeous.  I can wash my hair Friday AM, but I'll have to be careful.

I see scarves in my future.

It honestly wasn't too bad.  I'm a little uncomfortable, but I'm not in a lot of pain.

I did take a hydrocodone - so I'm not going out clubbing tonight or anything.

We're contemplating ordering a pizza...

I have eaten like a woman possessed today.  We ended up eating at Melrose Pub while waiting on my meds - and that was charming.  I at least put on a ball cap, but it looked pretty weird, because at that point, I was bandaged from the chin up.  My jaw hurt in new and exciting ways, and chewing wasn't high on my list of fun activities.

I ordered the small loaded fries and ended the meal with a chocolate chip cookie - they're baked to order at Melrose, so I just had to have one.

Obviously, I didn't weigh in today.

So.  Yeah.

I'm looking to get back to n…

So then, this time tomorrow?

We're less than 24 hours away from surgery go-time.  Which means, well... nothing really.

Today is Matt's birthday.  I plan to celebrate the old-fashioned way.  With a carrot cake.  Don't worry - he won't read this entry til after the cake is bought and consumed.

As for dinner itself... I don't know  - either pasta or pizza.

Who doesn't love a little Italian to celebrate their birthday?

I'm about to start my out of office goodness up, and I guess that's about the size of it.

I have to stop on a few errands on the way home,  then I can chillax for 48 hours, and then.  BACK TO WORK!

Wow, it just doesn't get more exciting.


Name Dropping-

I wanted to start by thanking everyone for checking in on my recent hair/cancer post.

So, just to be clear – I don’t expect to lose that much hair on Wednesday.  Maybe a patch the size of a quarter to the size of an Oreo. Or maybe, depending on the scar it will be in a line the length/width of a crayon…  I just don’t know yet – I won’t know for a little while – but I’m fine, and it’s just hair, and whatever.  Also, I’m not dying.  Well, we’re all dying , aren’t we?  But I am not dying at an accelerated rate any more than I was before I started growing a pilomatrical carcinoma on my scalp.
Now that we have that under control, let’s talk weekend.
First of all, I got a lot of extra sleep this weekend, and I’m glad I did.  I was apparently pretty tired.  I’m also tend to sleep when I’m stressed, and I’ll be honest – work is a little stressful right now.  We’re getting ready for a User Group, which I am not excited about – mostly because the sessions I am facilitating are contingent on a new …

Some kind of -itis. You may want to get that looked at.

We haven't been as busy with training as I would like, and that's meant a slow week at work.

We're approaching Friday, 5PM - and I feel like I'm breaking out of prison.

Me and my mister are going out tonight.  I don't care if that means we get chili at Wendy's and wander the Dollar Tree - we're going OUT.

Which means I need a pre-date nap.  Which means I'm cutting this short.

Tomorrow - the usual - Water Aerobics, maybe Zumba, Farmers Market, Laundry, Housework.  Nap?  Please!  Massage?  Maybe.

R&R - much needed and well-deserved.

More soon.

Yes, you can (sir).

So, I’ve avoided saying anything, because I don’t want pity or sympathy, but I think it might explain my absence and silence as of late.
Remember that bump on my scalp that I’ve been dealing with since… well, forever – or February – one of those?   So, when I had my stitches out right after the 4th of July weekend, I learned that it was neither cyst nor lipoma.  It’s carcinoma.  As in malignant.  As in skin cancer.  Its full name is Pilomatrical Carcinoma.  Nice to meet you.
So long story short, I got referred to a surgeon, and on Wednesday, the scalp cancer goes away.  Mohs Surgery.  Look it up and prepare to be grossed out.
It’s not especially scary – at least – not from the cancer standpoint.  It’s scary that I’m going to lose some serious hair.  That’s terrifying.  And the pain factor.  Oh, fuck, the pain.
Also, I’ve decided to take 2 days PTO – one for surgery, one for recovery.
The great news is that…wait, what was the great news?  I don’t know.  I mean, it’s not a high risk tumor, t…

Oh, nothing...

I have weigh in about an hour and a half from now.

1.  I'm starving.

2.  It's going to be a lackluster week, I think.  Probably a small gain.

3.  Damn, I'm really hungry.

Look, they can't all be Pulitzer-worthy posts.

More soon.


New and Improved


We went to the Farmers Market Friday evening with our friends Diane and Colby.  Once a month, they have Market Night.  I bought $12 worth of heirloom tomatoes, two small watermelons, green beans and purple hull peas.  We also had some great dinner from the BBQ place.

We used the tomatoes, well, some of them, last night in homemade pizzas.  Is there anything tastier than heirloom tomatoes, prosciutto, and goat cheese? Maybe a little basil chiffonade?  Excellent.
Tonight, we'll grill out.
I need to do something worthwhile.  I'd like to just go back to bed - I'm exhausted.  
I went to water aerobics yesterday - and I was so glad - there was a sub, Julie - she's the same woman I took from on Monday - and she works you.  There's not a lot of time for old lady chit-chat when Julie is running the show.
I don't have any desire to go to the Y today.  I am contemplating a call to Tiba Spa to see if I can get hooked up with a massage - which gives me access to steam and sauna.…

To you, Chuck Baudelaire...from me.

My cyberpal, Chuck Baudelaire (not her real name), writes a blog which I recommend highly.  She's quite funny.  You can find it here:

She also comments on mine from time to time, which I appreciate.  My last post tackled the controversy of killing off characters in YA Literature.  She commented and invoked Beth March, casualty of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. 

I couldn't help but republish for her pleasure and yours my take on Little Women from this old post from two years ago.

Eat your heart out, Chuck!


You killed her!

So, about five years ago, my sister came for a visit and gave me one of the books she read on the plane but no longer wanted.  It was "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by Ann Brashares.  I inhaled it.  The day she left, Matt left on a business trip, and that night, I went to Target and bought the next two in the series, staying up late two nights in a row to finish them.

When the fourth and final book came out, I bought and read it too.

Yes, they're for young adults, and no I don't care.  I thought they were awesome.

Today, as I was leaving for Philly, I decided I needed something to read on the plane, and I went on Amazon.  Turns out, she wrote a FIFTH book recently where they all grew up and were about to turn 30.

I threw it on the Kindle and headed to the airport.

And as I flew from Nashville to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Philadelphia, I read in horror as this evil woman killed off one of the characters.

Senselessly.  Needlessly.

Annoying.  Really, really annoying.

ZOMG! Carbs!

I finally took three bags and a suitcase filled with clothes to Goodwill today.  I also cleaned the kitchen and den.

As a reward for my good behavior, I went to Lazzaroli's - a local pasta maker who sells their goods in a tiny shop in Germantown.

I walked out with a pound of fresh whole-wheat linguini and a dozen Spicy Pimiento Cheese Ravioli.  We ate the linguini tonight with chicken sausage, tomatoes and spinach.  I'll cook the ravioli and float it in tomato soup later in the week as an homage to the classic soup/grilled cheese sandwich pairing.   I answered a trivia question at the register and got 10% off, but I'd have payed the full amount.  Dinner tonight was top notch.

After I got the pasta, I went over to the Farmers Market and it was PACKED.  Remind me to stick to Sundays.  Before Church lets out.  Bottom line - Tammy's stand didn't have limas of any kind - it was purple hulls or fresh green beans.  I went for green beans.

I also snagged two kinds of tomat…

What happens next?

My sweet friend Ginny took lots of photos over the 4th of July weekend in the mountains and posted them for our enjoyment.

She took lots of photos last 4th of July, too.  Here's last year:

And then, here's this year:

I think we can safely say that Weight Watchers works.  Here are a few more photos from Ginny's collection, because she's the bomb, and because they make me happy:

Hold up, wait a minute!

My new colleague attempted an awkward little air-clearing speech about working together in harmony today.

It felt coerced.  I'll take it in the spirit it was given and attempt to ignore him as much as possible.

Matt is currently killing zombies on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

I'm contemplating watermelon, then a long bath in which my legs get shaved.  In that order.

I learned today I'll be headed to Philadelphia next week for an overnighter.  Life is good.  It means two layovers at Hartsfield-Jackson, the airport of my youth.  I need to figure out what to wear.  I need clothes.

I need a big pile of money.

I have a lot of needs.

I've got a few things on my mind that I am working through - once I have them figured out, I'll share them.

Suffice it to say, I'm ready for a weekend... and today was the first day of a four day week.  Help!

For now, I have the evenings to fortify myself for the days with my new colleague.  Who, even though we have heavily s…

Watermelon, Dogs and Political Coups

A wonderful long weekend.  Pity it's nearly over.

I took Friday off to get things ready to go to the cabin.  I recovered quickly from my belly problems of Thursday, and I hit the ground running Friday morning.  I had just finished up around 5PM when Matt called from his office - he was ready to go, and I came and got him.

We finally got to the mountains at 1AM.  Mom and Dad didn't even wake up - but the pugs heard us and came out to greet us.

I woke up the next morning, and Dad and I headed to the annual meeting.

To explain it as easily as I can - our cabin is on property owned by a private club - one that was started back in the 1930s by five men, one of whom was my great grandfather.   The purpose of the club was to have some land in the mountains and to conserve it, and that's what the members have done ever since.

Dad has been a member since the 60s.  I became a member in 2006, on my second attempt (fairly common).  By the next year, I was head of the social committee.…

That was a close one!

Back in my 20s, I studied improv in Atlanta.  I did student shows with several groups and eventually landed as a charter member of The Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy - Atlanta's Only All-Female Improv Troupe!

There was a game I played with two of the groups called 12 Step.  In which, an audience member gave us a noun or some object, and we turned ourselves into a 12 Step Meeting of addicts of that thing.  Celery, Holly Hobby Lunch Boxes,  Skee Ball... One person played the Leader and she would call on her group to tell their story.  The first person went very basic, and one by one, each subsequent person got more outlandish.

When I was in GLOC, two of us were doing Weight Watchers at the time, and if we were playing leader, we would murmur platitudes identical to whatever catchphrase was hot at the time in our meetings, "Well remember, if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!"  We would often end with an affirmation, which required us t…