What happens next?

My sweet friend Ginny took lots of photos over the 4th of July weekend in the mountains and posted them for our enjoyment.

She took lots of photos last 4th of July, too.  Here's last year:

Does this pole make me look fat?

And then, here's this year:

What has two thumbs and a positive outlook?  This girl, right here!

I think we can safely say that Weight Watchers works.  Here are a few more photos from Ginny's collection, because she's the bomb, and because they make me happy:

Lola, K-9 Patriot (Tea Partier?)

He's taken, ladies.  Hands off!

Me and my Goshen Girls

My husband, folks. Folks, my husband.

Carol, Judi, Janet, Mary, Jennifer, Margaret, Allison, Katie, Ginny, Katherine, Lou, Hannah, Joy, Lana, Lucy

Panama Guillermo (aka Dad) and Lou.  Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

Nice kicks.  Only a little cankle.