You killed her!

So, about five years ago, my sister came for a visit and gave me one of the books she read on the plane but no longer wanted.  It was "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by Ann Brashares.  I inhaled it.  The day she left, Matt left on a business trip, and that night, I went to Target and bought the next two in the series, staying up late two nights in a row to finish them.

When the fourth and final book came out, I bought and read it too.

Yes, they're for young adults, and no I don't care.  I thought they were awesome.

Today, as I was leaving for Philly, I decided I needed something to read on the plane, and I went on Amazon.  Turns out, she wrote a FIFTH book recently where they all grew up and were about to turn 30.

I threw it on the Kindle and headed to the airport.

And as I flew from Nashville to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Philadelphia, I read in horror as this evil woman killed off one of the characters.

Senselessly.  Needlessly.

Annoying.  Really, really annoying.

I mean, the ending is sweet and cathartic, but of the four girls that the book centers on, she killed my favorite.  There are two tied for second place, and then one who just irritates me.

I won't spoil it for you except to say that if Tibby was your favorite character of the series, stop at book four.


OK, she dies of Huntington's (fail - that generally doesn't manifest in your 20s), leaving Brian and their daughter Bailey to pick up the pieces.  Along with Bee (who is still with Eric), Lena (who ends up with Kostos), and Carmen (who is an actress in NYC).

It was kind of a great book, but they killed Tibby.


I read and re-read favorite "young adult" novels all the time. Authors have been warping young minds by playing the death card forever. I don't think I'll ever get over Beth in Little Women.