Name Dropping-

I wanted to start by thanking everyone for checking in on my recent hair/cancer post.

So, just to be clear – I don’t expect to lose that much hair on Wednesday.  Maybe a patch the size of a quarter to the size of an Oreo. Or maybe, depending on the scar it will be in a line the length/width of a crayon…  I just don’t know yet – I won’t know for a little while – but I’m fine, and it’s just hair, and whatever.  Also, I’m not dying.  Well, we’re all dying , aren’t we?  But I am not dying at an accelerated rate any more than I was before I started growing a pilomatrical carcinoma on my scalp.

Now that we have that under control, let’s talk weekend.

First of all, I got a lot of extra sleep this weekend, and I’m glad I did.  I was apparently pretty tired.  I’m also tend to sleep when I’m stressed, and I’ll be honest – work is a little stressful right now.  We’re getting ready for a User Group, which I am not excited about – mostly because the sessions I am facilitating are contingent on a new release that may or may not drop before the conference.  Plus, my new team member doesn’t seem to be too excited about being on the team – to the point where he hasn’t physically moved into the department.  Which is fine, it means extra time sitting next to my old partner.  But it’s kind of like removing  a band-aid slowly, and it would hurt less to rip the sucker off.

Anyway, so I slept a lot over the weekend.  Nap-o-rama.

I also ate some fro-yo from Sweet Cece’s.  I highly, highly recommend a trip to Sweet Cece’s if you live near one.  Seriously.
Note - I never eat this much - in fact, mine never goes above the rim, or even close.

I did hit the Y for Water Aerobics, and I decided that it’s high time for a new bathing suit.  So I ordered one from Lands' End:

Sporty, but how does it look from behind?

Nice, love the X back!

I also hit up the local nail place for a wax and pedi.   Here’s the color I went with, this time:

Almost the perfect color - it needs some shimmery bits, though.

Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. 

Oh, OPI – so clever.  You need to let me come work for you.  Kind of matches the swimsuit.  Not intentional. 

Yesterday I hit up the Farmer’s Market for goodies – came home with lunch for me and the mister from Jamaicaway (patties for both of us – rice and peas and greens for him), plus peaches, limas and tomatoes.

These are often described as being like Hot Pockets.  Which would be true, except that Hot Pockets are nasty, and patties are not.  I like curry chicken and spicy beef the very best.

I also made a little trip to Trader Joe’s for the essentials, but they were out of turkey meatballs.  I wanted to cry… but I held it together.

Made some dinner, played word games on my Kindle… and that’s how you can kill a weekend.

Now if I can just squeeze through the next two work days (and the minimal training therein), I get two whole days off, maybe some fun drugs to go with them.



OMG, Jamaican patties! I love those! Love the swimsuit, too, and the purple nail polish, although it always looks better in the bottle than on my mediocre fingernails.