ZOMG! Carbs!

I finally took three bags and a suitcase filled with clothes to Goodwill today.  I also cleaned the kitchen and den.

As a reward for my good behavior, I went to Lazzaroli's - a local pasta maker who sells their goods in a tiny shop in Germantown.

I walked out with a pound of fresh whole-wheat linguini and a dozen Spicy Pimiento Cheese Ravioli.  We ate the linguini tonight with chicken sausage, tomatoes and spinach.  I'll cook the ravioli and float it in tomato soup later in the week as an homage to the classic soup/grilled cheese sandwich pairing.   I answered a trivia question at the register and got 10% off, but I'd have payed the full amount.  Dinner tonight was top notch.

An actual box of ravs from Lazzaroli's.  Yum.

After I got the pasta, I went over to the Farmers Market and it was PACKED.  Remind me to stick to Sundays.  Before Church lets out.  Bottom line - Tammy's stand didn't have limas of any kind - it was purple hulls or fresh green beans.  I went for green beans.

I also snagged two kinds of tomatoes, zucchini and a little sussy for me - a bunch of zinnias.

I got home, chilled a little, then hit up Venetian Nail Salon.  It was more packed than the Market.  I had to jostle to get to the polish display, and ended up choosing a color that looks just like Tang.  Yes, the breakfast beverage:

Packet of Tang, hold the poon.

We'll just call it my homage to the last launch of the Space Shuttle.  If I hadn't been under the gun, I might have gone with something more...purple or pink.

Oh, well.  They shaved three pounds of dead skin off my heels, and I got the benefit of the massagey chair, so it's all good.  If they hadn't been so mobbed, I'd have considered a brow wax.

Monday, I head to Philly - for less than 24 hours, so it's not like I'll have ample time to go lick the Liberty Bell (name the TV show).  I don't think I'll even have time to hit up a cheese steak stand.  I don't need it, and to Matt's point.  Even the worlds greatest PCS probably is only 15% better than an average one.

You never know.

What I can tell you is, it sucks to have to miss Zumba, again.  AGAIN.  Jeez.  Cut me a break.  

As for the other stuff at work, we made the great colleague switch this week, and I miss my old partner.  He was in Michigan on vacation, so I'd have missed him regardless, but it is increasingly clear that things are different.

Change is good, change is good, change is... it's going to be OK.

Because, if nothing else, I have the opportunity to get fresh vegetables, I can eat lots of good watermelon, and I can exercise to mitigate stress.  It's going to be great.

And it'll be even better when my old partner is back in town and I can instant message him.

My boss is in town next week - I'll have all of 2.5 days of him - travel Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I have to take a half day to go to the doctor... good news is - Friday, he's alllllll mine.  Which is to say, I can dazzle him with my wits.  Both of them.

And that's a wrap on this Saturday.