Well, that was...

So, I am done.  My head has been opened, debulked and sewn shut.

And it is lovely.  I mean, just gorgeous.  I can wash my hair Friday AM, but I'll have to be careful.

I see scarves in my future.

It honestly wasn't too bad.  I'm a little uncomfortable, but I'm not in a lot of pain.

I did take a hydrocodone - so I'm not going out clubbing tonight or anything.

We're contemplating ordering a pizza...

I have eaten like a woman possessed today.  We ended up eating at Melrose Pub while waiting on my meds - and that was charming.  I at least put on a ball cap, but it looked pretty weird, because at that point, I was bandaged from the chin up.  My jaw hurt in new and exciting ways, and chewing wasn't high on my list of fun activities.

I ordered the small loaded fries and ended the meal with a chocolate chip cookie - they're baked to order at Melrose, so I just had to have one.

Obviously, I didn't weigh in today.

So.  Yeah.

I'm looking to get back to normal soon.



You get to be Rhoda!


Glad the procedure went well - you totally deserved fries and cookies. :)