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Puppy Love

I've spent the past week and change not traveling - at least, not for work - and you know what?

It's been mostly awesome. 

Ok, I've been pretty lazy - plenty of naptime built into my days, but man oh Manichewitz! I do feel more rested.  I need a massage, that's just a fact.  But I feel more chill than I normally do.  Something about not battling through the airport, or eating weird Hampton breakfasts.

Mostly, though, it's my dog.  She's a holy terror and terrier.  She eats things she shouldn't, she chases squirrels and occasionally scales the fence.  She is NO help wrapping Christmas presents, and she's perpetually hungry, despite the fact that I feed her appropriate meals, snacks and treats.

That said - she's just awesome.  She feels good to pet, she is affectionate and fierce and silly and sweet.  She is the total package.

That's been my time off, in a nutshell.

Tomorrow is New Years' Eve and I'm planning to spend it with friends.


A Farewell to Noms

I'm going on a diet January 4th. 

This is nothing new, either for me or for humankind.  We make resolutions, we start them, we end them.

I'm starting something called The DASH Diet  - Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.
U.S. News and World Report named this the best diet a few years ago, and I have to admit, it's pretty solid and easy enough to follow.

I mean, I say that now, on a full stomach.  My house is filled with sweets. 

I've spent the last few weeks indulging in foods I know I won't be enjoying on the diet.  Carbs.  Heavy on the carbs.

To be fair, I could eat my weight in bread.  I probably did this year.  Pasta, potatoes?  Please!

So, I had some Indian, I've enjoyed fried chicken, big breakfasts, and lots of dessert.

I'll throw some Spaghettios down my gullet before the end of the month, maybe get a big nasty burger from somewhere.  And ice cream.

But then I am all over it.

To health.  And victory.



Here's something you should know about me.  I'm an atheist.

Basically, here's what I believe.  There is, in fact, a power out there greater than all of us.  I think it's gravity, or the earth's rotation on its axis, or Aurora Borealis.

I don't think that the greater power takes the form of one or multiple Gods.    I think that Gods were the invention of Man, and that Man invented God(s) to explain things that had no explanation.  I believe that God also acted as a behavior modifier, a la Elf on the Shelf.  The dietary restrictions in Leviticus are there because people were getting sick, and following these rules kept them healthier.

I believe that Jesus believed in his God, and thought that he was the son of said deity.  And I think he talked a good game, and I think he talked other people into believing.  Basically, I think he may have had delusions of grandeur and he used that to found an extremely successful cult.

So you can imagine how popular I was growing…

Yule, Y'all

Merry Christmas from the tropics. By which I mean Atlanta. It's hotter than hell. To that end I'm sitting in my mother's kitchen in a tank top, drinking prosecco. As you will.

Here's how hot it is.  I caught this guy watching me wrap presents yesterday:

We all had a good Christmas. From the dogs on up.

Personally, I need a nap.

Which is what happens when you hit the prosecco at 2PM.

I still miss my Dad.

But I'm going to be OK.

Merry, merry.


Hither and Yon



So, the thing is, I like people.  

And I have the right job for that.  Right now, I'm sitting in an airport in Sacramento, CA.   About three feet from me, I'm watching four Air Force airmen bust each others' balls (and in one case, ovaries) about everything.  They're on my flight.  If I weren't flat broke, I'd buy 'em all a drink.  Especially the one who said, "Thank you, ma'am", when I freed up an outlet for phone charging. I'm a sucker for polite people.

It was a good trip to Lodi, all in all.  I ended up meeting my friend Suzie for dinner last night.  It kept me out too late, but I'm glad I did it.

Basically, I now have ONE. MORE. TRIP.  For work.  For family, I have THREE. MORE. TRIPS.

And then it's a new year, and then I have more trips.  I doesn't seem to end.

I got two emails today that warmed the cockles of my heart.  One was from a co-worker who mentioned how well a tradition I started at the office was holding up, des…

Plenty and Good


Last night, I dreamed that I was visiting our office in Maine.  I looked out the window of the office and we noticed it was snowing.  I was enchanted, and I wanted to go outside.  Somehow, we were all in our underwear, and next thing I know, we're all dancing in the snow in our underwear.

This wasn't one of those horrible dreams where I felt exposed.  What I felt, truth be told... was joy.

I have no idea when I'll get back to Maine, or if it'll be snowing, or if I can convince my pals to dance in the snow with me in our skivvies.

But I'd like to get back there and maybe see my friends.

And I want to dance.


I called my doctor's office the other day, because I needed more blood pressure meds.  So I got a call from the nurse tonight (who I adore) and she said they reeeaaaally need to see me in the office.  So I got an appointment for the 22nd.  I'm easily heavier than my last visit, and I wasn't exactly thinner then.  So.   But they're holding …