A Farewell to Noms

I'm going on a diet January 4th. 

This is nothing new, either for me or for humankind.  We make resolutions, we start them, we end them.

I'm starting something called The DASH Diet  - Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.
U.S. News and World Report named this the best diet a few years ago, and I have to admit, it's pretty solid and easy enough to follow.

I mean, I say that now, on a full stomach.  My house is filled with sweets. 

I've spent the last few weeks indulging in foods I know I won't be enjoying on the diet.  Carbs.  Heavy on the carbs.

To be fair, I could eat my weight in bread.  I probably did this year.  Pasta, potatoes?  Please!

So, I had some Indian, I've enjoyed fried chicken, big breakfasts, and lots of dessert.

I'll throw some Spaghettios down my gullet before the end of the month, maybe get a big nasty burger from somewhere.  And ice cream.

But then I am all over it.

To health.  And victory.



Totally on your team, girlfriend. But the only diet that has ever worked for me is finding something more critical to my life than food. And that's rare and usually traumatic. Here's hoping you bust the odds. But if not, the other shit makes for killer blog posts, just sayin. Love you.