So, the thing is, I like people.  

And I have the right job for that.  Right now, I'm sitting in an airport in Sacramento, CA.   About three feet from me, I'm watching four Air Force airmen bust each others' balls (and in one case, ovaries) about everything.  They're on my flight.  If I weren't flat broke, I'd buy 'em all a drink.  Especially the one who said, "Thank you, ma'am", when I freed up an outlet for phone charging. I'm a sucker for polite people.

It was a good trip to Lodi, all in all.  I ended up meeting my friend Suzie for dinner last night.  It kept me out too late, but I'm glad I did it.

Basically, I now have ONE. MORE. TRIP.  For work.  For family, I have THREE. MORE. TRIPS.

And then it's a new year, and then I have more trips.  I doesn't seem to end.

I got two emails today that warmed the cockles of my heart.  One was from a co-worker who mentioned how well a tradition I started at the office was holding up, despite my absence.  The other was from a former customer, providing an introduction to a contact of his.  Both we really kind, and I needed them.

I managed a trip to the Sacramento IKEA tonight to kill a little time before my flight.  And I bought a neck pillow - on sale for $3.99.  I'm stoked to use it on this flight, snoring like a motherfucker from one end of the lower 48 to the other.

Ok then.  I think it's time to relax and try to get into a good frame of mind for this red-eye.

I have sleeping pills... and I might use them.



So you weren't exactly stuck in Lodi and you didn't have to walk out?