Plenty and Good


Last night, I dreamed that I was visiting our office in Maine.  I looked out the window of the office and we noticed it was snowing.  I was enchanted, and I wanted to go outside.  Somehow, we were all in our underwear, and next thing I know, we're all dancing in the snow in our underwear.

This wasn't one of those horrible dreams where I felt exposed.  What I felt, truth be told... was joy.

I have no idea when I'll get back to Maine, or if it'll be snowing, or if I can convince my pals to dance in the snow with me in our skivvies.

But I'd like to get back there and maybe see my friends.

And I want to dance.


I called my doctor's office the other day, because I needed more blood pressure meds.  So I got a call from the nurse tonight (who I adore) and she said they reeeaaaally need to see me in the office.  So I got an appointment for the 22nd.  I'm easily heavier than my last visit, and I wasn't exactly thinner then.  So.   But they're holding my meds hostage, and so I'll take the beating for them.  I'll also beg her to write me up for a real actual sleep study.


I'm in Lodi, California.  A town so awesome that CCR wrote a song about being stuck here.  It wasn't a compliment.  The only good thing I can say about it is that I don't have to come back for go-live.  Ok, so the other thing is that they have great Mexican food here.  And I'm going to meet my friend Suzie, who lives in San Francisco  - we're going to dinner tomorrow night.  None of this helps in my quest to not get yelled at by my doctor for being fat as living hell.


I managed to get Christmas cards mailed before I left town, which is impressive.  Was it the very best use of my time?  Maybe not, but how are going to celebrate the first Christmas with your new puppy and not send out cards?

This was the picture I used:

She's freaking adorable. She makes me happy.


I wish I had some Alka Seltzer.  Or anything with a fizz.  I guess I could wander down to the lobby and buy a beverage.  Or Alka Seltzer.  Yeah, my doctor is going to be stupid happy with my lifestyle choices.


I don't have nearly as much pepper jelly as I'd like to be giving as Christmas presents.   So, the people who get it will be the ones I love very, very much.  Everyone else gets... I don't know - how about NOTHING?  Or candy. Who doesn't love candy?

And with that, I think I'll throw on some pants, get something fizzy to drink and call it a night.

Fleas Navidad (that was *not* the caption I used).



You'll throw some pants on...what? What do you throw pants on over there on the underside of the planet?

I was actually surprised when I learnt, just a year or so ago, that Lodi from the song (which I first heard sometime in the 80s) was a real place. Amazing.

If by "candy" you mean "sweets", well, I don't like them. But my dogs all do, so I'll take them with pleasure and hand them in (to their mouths)

Talking about dogs, wonder what your dragon hybrid is thinking.

Bedbugs Navidad to you.