Puppy Love

I've spent the past week and change not traveling - at least, not for work - and you know what?

It's been mostly awesome. 

Ok, I've been pretty lazy - plenty of naptime built into my days, but man oh Manichewitz! I do feel more rested.  I need a massage, that's just a fact.  But I feel more chill than I normally do.  Something about not battling through the airport, or eating weird Hampton breakfasts.

Mostly, though, it's my dog.  She's a holy terror and terrier.  She eats things she shouldn't, she chases squirrels and occasionally scales the fence.  She is NO help wrapping Christmas presents, and she's perpetually hungry, despite the fact that I feed her appropriate meals, snacks and treats.

Her eerily accurate Christmas Eve horoscope

That said - she's just awesome.  She feels good to pet, she is affectionate and fierce and silly and sweet.  She is the total package.

That's been my time off, in a nutshell.

Tomorrow is New Years' Eve and I'm planning to spend it with friends.

Well, the night part of it.  I need to pick up drinks, put together some appetizers, and get that to the hotel before we start the party.

This year has been a mixed bag.  At the center of it all has been Piper.

And for that, I am grateful.

Yappy New Year.



Hoppy Nude Rear from me to you and from Nero, Jessie and Juno to Piper.