Yule, Y'all

Merry Christmas from the tropics. By which I mean Atlanta. It's hotter than hell. To that end I'm sitting in my mother's kitchen in a tank top, drinking prosecco. As you will.

Here's how hot it is.  I caught this guy watching me wrap presents yesterday:

We all had a good Christmas. From the dogs on up.

Personally, I need a nap.

Which is what happens when you hit the prosecco at 2PM.

I still miss my Dad.

But I'm going to be OK.

Merry, merry.



It was 75 degrees in Dallas today. I still wore my new Christmas sweater because Christmas sweater. I a couple of days it will be 45 degrees and raining. I might wear shorts. I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas, my Sister from Another Mister.
What on earth is a prosecco? (Or in Atlanta, assuming that's on earth.)