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Happy Halloween!

So today was Halloween at the office...

We did Mad Men in my department:

The joy of it was pretending to be something we're not.  Hard-living, chain-smoking, bourbon drinking men and women of the sixties.

Here's the best picture of the day:

I love the fact that we're right next to the Caught in the Act display.

What I don't love is how huge I've gotten.

It's time to make changes.

Change one -remove excess Milk Duds from the premises.  The weather was bad tonight, so trick-or-treating was postponed.  And there's nothing to say tomorrow night I'll feel any more like opening the door.


It was a good Halloween.  Our group didn't win.  Instead the Support team won - they were characters from Ender's Game.  If that means something to you, bully!  They had storebought coveralls and accessories.  There was a Nerf Gun...

We had whiskey, and cigs.  And creativity.

Suck it, Support.

Happy Halloween!


Like a kangaroo.

Today I turned 39.  It didn't hurt one bit. 

I spent the weekend driving, mostly.  Down to visit the in-laws and go to a killer Halloween party.

Here's me, a chubby mime, and my husband, Heisenberg:

This morning, I drove down to see my parents  - they're doing good.  Dad is still in rehab.  Mom is running herself ragged.  Nonetheless, we had a good time and I enjoyed seeing them.

Time to finish a load of a laundry and call it a day.



Dad is doing so much better.  He started rehab a week ago, and is moving along in leaps and bounds.

I am currently in Odessa, Texas.  I have done little more than eat prodigious amounts of very-bad-for-me food.

Including, at lunch, some gravy.  Gravy with bacon and jalapenos.

I'm a little fahrklempt from all the foodage.

I need to lift off the pedal and get some salad.

And water.

And a strict workout regimen.

And a fat eating virus.

PS - I did have a salad for dinner.  But the pecans and bleu cheese may have rendered it less healthy.  Along with the tres leches cake.  Don't judge - I'm under a metric fuckton of stress.

Well, shit.

So, you take the good, you take the bad.

After a week of good, I got a phone call with some bad.

Mom called me around noon yesterday to tell me Dad had a stroke.

He seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered.

He can't move like he wants to.  He can't talk much. 

But the doctor is optimistic that with some hard work and some time, he'll get where he needs to be.

And that, actually, is good.


It's a good, good, good, good thing!

The weather is starting to turn off really nice - I love October.  And not just because it's my birth month - though to be fair, that doesn't hurt.

Yesterday, I was on a call with a colleague in Colorado and it came up that he had his dog with him. So he turned on his video conference and I got to see what an American Dingo puppy looks like.  Then he said another colleague had his dog, too - so they brought in another puppy - a Lhasa Apso and held her up to the camera for me.

It was a nice call.

Then, on my way out to lunch yesterday, I passed a sign near our office that a location of Jamaicaway would be opening soon.  Excellent!  Rice and peas!  D&G Pineapple!!!  BUN!!!

While on my lunch, I got a flu shot.  Usually, I get them through the company - they bring in a nurse and knock it out one day in the fall.  This year, surprise to no one, I'm traveling...

So, I paid out of pocket and got mine - worth it - especially given how much I'm on the road.

Anyway.  I got h…

More to the point...

It's 3AM and I'm awake due to acid reflux.  And because I'm kicking myself for making an offhand remark at a party tonight that was unintentionally inappropriate.

As we used to say in High School, "I was quoting someone."

We were talking about this thing on Twitter right now called "Add a Word, Ruin a Movie".

Example; Vicky Lawrence of Arabia.

I was citing examples I'd read the day before and gave as one, "Million Dollar Dead Baby".  Which in retrospect may not have been the best one to share at the baby shower.  Ugh.  My filter is broken.

But mostly, it's the reflux.  I ate snacky party food for three hours and culminated it with cake.  Ah, cake.

And now I'm sitting up and dealing with that.

This week should be fairly low-impact.  I have some training with a customer that is going to suck.  We have promised them four hours per day, two days running.  For a product that takes 45 minutes to train.  The remaining 7 hours will be sit…

What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.

So,  I have a floppity jillion things to catch you up on - I went to a reenactment.  I went to Sheboygan and ate a dark chocolate pie with crushed pretzel crust.

I went to Chicago; eating and shopping my way through the city.

But here's the strangest thing I did since I wrote last:

There's an exhibit going on at Cheekwood (the local botanical gardens/museum).  It's called "More Love", and as one installment, they brought in a composite artist - he works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and usually draws criminals.   Based on a two hour conversation,  he will draw your first love.

My friend Brian, who works at Cheekwood was trying to find some people to sit for this process, and I volunteered.

I told the man about the boyfriend I had as a High School Frosh.  He broke my heart.

In fact the ironic part - I saw the receptionist at the museum when I walked in to ask where to go and she said, "Oh you're here for the Crime Scene?" 

After a fashion…