Happy Halloween!

So today was Halloween at the office...

We did Mad Men in my department:

The resemblance is uncanny, no?

The joy of it was pretending to be something we're not.  Hard-living, chain-smoking, bourbon drinking men and women of the sixties.

Here's the best picture of the day:

I feel like I look like one of my distant maternal relatives.

I love the fact that we're right next to the Caught in the Act display.

What I don't love is how huge I've gotten.

It's time to make changes.

Change one -remove excess Milk Duds from the premises.  The weather was bad tonight, so trick-or-treating was postponed.  And there's nothing to say tomorrow night I'll feel any more like opening the door.


It was a good Halloween.  Our group didn't win.  Instead the Support team won - they were characters from Ender's Game.  If that means something to you, bully!  They had storebought coveralls and accessories.  There was a Nerf Gun...

We had whiskey, and cigs.  And creativity.

Suck it, Support.

Happy Halloween!