It's a good, good, good, good thing!

The weather is starting to turn off really nice - I love October.  And not just because it's my birth month - though to be fair, that doesn't hurt.

Yesterday, I was on a call with a colleague in Colorado and it came up that he had his dog with him. So he turned on his video conference and I got to see what an American Dingo puppy looks like.  Then he said another colleague had his dog, too - so they brought in another puppy - a Lhasa Apso and held her up to the camera for me.

It was a nice call.

Then, on my way out to lunch yesterday, I passed a sign near our office that a location of Jamaicaway would be opening soon.  Excellent!  Rice and peas!  D&G Pineapple!!!  BUN!!!

While on my lunch, I got a flu shot.  Usually, I get them through the company - they bring in a nurse and knock it out one day in the fall.  This year, surprise to no one, I'm traveling...

So, I paid out of pocket and got mine - worth it - especially given how much I'm on the road.

Anyway.  I got home last night and was working on supper when Matt called.  He had tickets to the home opener of the Preds.  And they were GOOD SEATS... QED:

Mmm, Pekka.  Legwand....  MMMmm!

So, yesterday was pretty great.

And although today kind of killed me - there were a few moments of amazing there, too.

Like - I found out I'm 96% of the way to A-List Preferred with Southwest Airlines.

Free drinks, faster security lines, priority boarding!!

It pays to be a frequent flyer sometimes.

So, that's that.