More to the point...

It's 3AM and I'm awake due to acid reflux.  And because I'm kicking myself for making an offhand remark at a party tonight that was unintentionally inappropriate.

As we used to say in High School, "I was quoting someone."

We were talking about this thing on Twitter right now called "Add a Word, Ruin a Movie".

Example; Vicky Lawrence of Arabia.

I was citing examples I'd read the day before and gave as one, "Million Dollar Dead Baby".  Which in retrospect may not have been the best one to share at the baby shower.  Ugh.  My filter is broken.

But mostly, it's the reflux.  I ate snacky party food for three hours and culminated it with cake.  Ah, cake.

And now I'm sitting up and dealing with that.

This week should be fairly low-impact.  I have some training with a customer that is going to suck.  We have promised them four hours per day, two days running.  For a product that takes 45 minutes to train.  The remaining 7 hours will be sitting and watching them use the product.  Remotely.   To think, I could have gone to Florida to train them.  But noooooo.

It does look like I am going to Alaska.  Possibly in December.   Now, now - don't be jealous!

I don't know.  I feel fortunate.  But also fat.  And filterless.


I think I'll sit here and stew in my own acidic juices. It's like Allison Ceviche.



occhiblu said…
Baby showers always give me an almost irresistible urge to say or do something inappropriate. Even when the organizers do a decent job to avoid the twee, the gatherings still tend to feel overly precious.

Which is to say, I'd have sniggered at the joke.
occhiblu said…
(Oops, that was Lisa from high school. Hi!)
ae said…
Hi, Lisa from High School!