What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.

So,  I have a floppity jillion things to catch you up on - I went to a reenactment.  I went to Sheboygan and ate a dark chocolate pie with crushed pretzel crust.

I went to Chicago; eating and shopping my way through the city.

But here's the strangest thing I did since I wrote last:

There's an exhibit going on at Cheekwood (the local botanical gardens/museum).  It's called "More Love", and as one installment, they brought in a composite artist - he works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and usually draws criminals.   Based on a two hour conversation,  he will draw your first love.

My friend Brian, who works at Cheekwood was trying to find some people to sit for this process, and I volunteered.

I told the man about the boyfriend I had as a High School Frosh.  He broke my heart.

In fact the ironic part - I saw the receptionist at the museum when I walked in to ask where to go and she said, "Oh you're here for the Crime Scene?" 

After a fashion, yes.

And after two hours of poring over books filled with eyes, ears, hair and so on, he came up with this:

The eyes are off a little, but the rest of it is spot on.

It was only slightly traumatic.

But the heart is a resilient muscle and after losing this fine fellow, I went on to have three more major loves.

I married the last one, and he continues to make me very happy.



That is pretty damn awesome. Also, Sheboygan! You were in the land of my people, dere.