Dad is doing so much better.  He started rehab a week ago, and is moving along in leaps and bounds.

I am currently in Odessa, Texas.  I have done little more than eat prodigious amounts of very-bad-for-me food.

Including, at lunch, some gravy.  Gravy with bacon and jalapenos.

I'm a little fahrklempt from all the foodage.

I need to lift off the pedal and get some salad.

And water.

And a strict workout regimen.

And a fat eating virus.

PS - I did have a salad for dinner.  But the pecans and bleu cheese may have rendered it less healthy.  Along with the tres leches cake.  Don't judge - I'm under a metric fuckton of stress.


In your defense, there's little else to do in Odessa besides eat. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. Next time come to Dallas!