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In The Event of An Emergency

Sunday, after much debate and procrastination, I finally took our propane tank off the grill and in for a fill up. When I got home, I hooked it back up to cook some hot dogs. Hebrew National 97% Fat Free.
And then.
Well, the propane tank started shooting flames, out of the side not connected to the grill and I couldn't turn it off, and I couldn't put out the flames. So, even though I like to be self-sufficient, open my own jars, kill my own spiders, I decided to call for help. Since Matt was doing a volunteer day at the bike trail, I pulled my cellphone and called, you guessed it, 911.
The operator was very nice, very calm. Within 3 minutes a truck with 3 firefighters arrived. I took them to the back yard and they decided to fight it from the alley. They suggested I stay in the front.
Now, I've watched plenty of episodes of King of the Hill, watched Matt play lots of video games, and so I understand the properties and behaviors of propane, and I sure as hell didn&…

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Hard to believe that we’re barreling through June like a freight train through a small town.And yet, I’m starting to plan out my 4th of July.My body is at work, but sometimes, my mind wanders off to the mountains.
Speaking of – I’ve talked to Dad, who is up in the mountains, and he’s not only seen a bear, one apparently broke into our cabin.
Last time we were up there, talk was that a truckload of Mexican workers had been spotted near the gate.Now personally, I take the wording of a former colleague of mine named Tony and say, “Why they gotta be Mexican?”Why not just “workers”?

My enlightened family has since been joking about wily Mexicans, so when I called Dad to get clarity on the break-in,my first words when he answered were, “Are you sure it wasn’t Mexicans that broke into the cabin?”Dad explained that the window screen had been shredded, and that the bear/hombre who broke in chewed up and clawed through a stack of paper plates.Ok, ok.I’m going to have to go with bear …

And why not?

So, another fine weekend.
Matt's cousin Phillip came to visit, and we had a nice time walking, playing with Lola, and meeting up with another cousin, Jim, his girlfriend Anna, and Jim's daughter Brittany. Brit just moved here for Graduate School at Vanderbilt.
Plenty of good time with family. I want to get some furniture for our living room though. Inexplicably, rather than retire to the den, we ended up in a circle on the floor in the front room. Oh well.
Lola enjoyed the attention - Phillip is a dog lover like we are, and we had a fun time seeing what Nashville's canines were up to this weekend. He got to see Myrna and Honey - the Blue Ticks that live down the street - today on the way back from breakfast (at Fido, no less), we saw a harlequin Great Dane and an English Bulldog on the same block.
The only bad thing is that my new Birkenstocks are rubbing my ankles into a paste. Nice. I've worked them with saddle soap, and they're still injurious.
What's a g…

Here's the main thing I want to say...

My cousin, Richard posted this photo on Facebook last week, and I love it. It's my sister, Richard and me, cold chilling at my grandmother's pool - possibly/probably her birthday celebration - circa 1988-1989.

Here's what I love about this photo:

1. Look at how teeny tiny I was! I would have been 14 in this picture - the summer before high school. Also, nice tan!

2. I love the dress I'm wearing. We got it at Lord and Taylor, and it's probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have ever, ever owned.

3. Clearly, I am saying something really funny or interesting because both my cousin and sister are looking attentively at me.

4. I was in the process of growing out short hair, and I see now that I should have invested in headbands.

Happy, happy!


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